Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Senior Sex Classes, no travel required -- Interested?

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Let's talk sex by phone or computer! No, I'm not inviting you to have phone sex or webcam sex with me. I'm inviting you to hear a senior sex class and ask your questions -- via teleseminar or webinar.

Background: Many of you ask when I'll be in your area giving a speech or workshop. You want to learn my tips for sexy aging, or negotiate sex with a new partner, or spice up your long-time relationship, or figure out how to get back your desire for sex, or deal with online dating, for example.

I'm sorry, I get so many emails that I can't possibly answer every one. The answers are often in my books, but I know that many of you prefer a different way of learning, or you want more direct and personal answers to your questions. I do travel to give presentations in many cities (see my events schedule here), but I can't be everywhere.

If I'm not going to be in your area, would you be interested in attending a personalized class by phone or online?

That means you'd listen to my class on the phone or watch it on your computer and be able to ask questions and interact in a small group. You would pay a modest fee to attend, which would include a handout.

Here are some sample topics I'm considering offering:
·        Why don't I feel sexual desire and what can I do about it?
·        Great sex without erections – sex isn’t all about erections, what we and our partners need to understand about giving and receiving pleasure, no erection required.
·        Dating at my age – tips and insights for making it fun instead of scary and sad.
·        Online dating at my age – avoiding the mistakes that most people make.
·        Safer sex – why I need to care about this, tips for talking with a partner. 
·      Long-term relationships – how to spice it up again, recapturing desire and intimacy.
·        Non-monogamy/ polyamory/ friends with benefits – would this work for me?
·        Talking to my doctor about my sexual issues: when, why, how?
·        Solo sex is real sex – how to stay sexual without a partner.
·        Sex toys – do I need them? How do I choose?

Do some of these interest you? If so, here are some questions for you:

  1. Which topics would grab your interest? Examples above, or add your own. 
  2. Would you make time for an hour-long class, or would you prefer 30 or 45 minutes? 
  3. Would you prefer a teleseminar (via phone only, no computer required, audio only) or a webinar (via computer, audio and video -- you can see me speaking to you and view slides and images)?
  4. Would you be more likely to attend live, with the option of asking your questions, or listen to a recording on your own schedule?
  5. What country, state, time zone do you live in?

You can answer in the comments section here, or -- better -- email me so that I can contact you when I've finalized details. If you want to be on my mailing list for dates and topics, please email me with "online class" in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Update: Thank you for the emails I'm receiving! Clearly you're interested. If you've already emailed me, I'll be on touch. If not, please do! Let me know which topics interest you especially. Write to me here. Subject line: online class. -- Joan


  1. FeministaJune 06, 2016

    I'm interested in an online/phone seminar. I don't know how to use apps yet,so can't email you directly. Have read two of your books and follow your blog and other links.

    1. There's no app involved to email me. Just click the link and it gives you an empty email addressed to me. I have to be able to contact you.

  2. FeministaJune 07, 2016

    Got it. Email sent.


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