Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The New, Rechargeable Magic Wand!

If you read my reviews, you know that I love the Magic Wand. For decades (yes, decades, with a couple of improvements along the way), it has been the King of Vibrators.

Now there's a new king in town: the Magic Wand Rechargeable. It has everything we loved about the Original Magic Wand (reviewed here) plus 4 new attributes that make it the ideal sex tool for those of us who need really strong vibrations:

  • It's rechargeable! No need to look for an outlet near the bed or get tangled in cords -- just charge it ahead of time, and it's usable cord-free.

  • Silicone head! The silicone covering of the head is not only more body-safe than the previous wand, it's softer, a little cushy, which feels really good.    

  • 4 Speeds! Instead of the previous two speeds (high and turbo high), we have four choices. The lowest speed is rumbly and great for warm-up (for most of us), or if you don't need super-strong, the first two speeds might be all you need. Turbo users can turn it up from level 1 to higher, extra high, or unbelievably high. According to Good Vibrations, here's a comparison of intensity levels:

  • Original Magic Wand: 1- 5000rpms (vibrations/ minute); 2- 6000rpms 
  • Rechargeable Magic Wand: 1- 2,700rpms; 2- 3,800rpms; 3- 5,400rpms; 4- 6,300rpms

  • Patterns. I don't really care about patterns -- just give me strong, steady vibrations, thank you. But for those of you who like to experiment with patterns, there are four of them.
Being so strong, it has to be large to house the motor. Like previous iterations, this Magic Wand is big (13" long with a tennis-ball sized head) and heavy -- caution if you have arthritic wrists. On the other hand, it works so well that you'll likely reach your goal in a very short time, compared to other sex toys!

The silicone head cover is not removable, so you have to be careful cleaning it -- just wipe it clean.

I'm sorry to tell you that the Magic Wand Rechargeable's price tag -- $124.95 -- is about double the old one. It's priced in line with other rechargeable vibrators and well worth the money. (Please don't be duped into thinking you can get this cheaper on Amazon. The cheap ones may be labeled Magic Wand, but they're not -- they're knock-offs with inferior materials and design, and just try to get a refund when they overheat or stop working. Don't risk it, seriously.)

I'm shouting, I'm singing, I'm dancing, I'm loving this new Magic Wand! Thank you, Good Vibrations, for gifting me the Magic Wand Rechargeable in exchange for an honest review.

(Originally published 4/13/15)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Private Gym: Kegels for men -- with penis weights!

I've stressed the importance of pelvic floor (AKA Kegel) exercises for both male and female anatomies, but I admit that I haven't given as much focus to male bodies. Now there's a complete exercise program for male pelvic muscle training -- Private Gym -- including weight training for the penis!

Stronger pelvic muscles give you more blood flow to the penis, stronger and more rigid erections, better urinary and rectal control, and stronger orgasms and ejaculatory force. Like any other muscles, they respond to strength training. Private Gym offers both a "basic" ($59.99) and a "complete" ($99.99) training program, both with free shipping.

Both include a DVD, an instruction manual, and a book, Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual & Urinary Health. The book presents a ton of anatomical and sexual function information, plus cool factoids that you can throw out at a sex-positive dinner party, such as what "phallocarps" are and which animal ejaculates 4-5 gallons of semen.

This program lets you learn and practice the step-by-stem program with a follow-along DVD. It's very well done, with clear illustrations and explanations. (I would have preferred it without the background music, though, which I found repetitive and distracting.)

The difference between the programs? The basic gives you a 4-week, progressive, step-by-step program.  It's good, especially for pelvic floor training beginners.

However, I recommend the complete program, which includes the basic plus additional exercises and 4 weeks of resistance training, which you do with the included weights. (Only the complete program includes the weights.)

Yes, weights. You put the weighted ring on your penis and perform the squeeze-release exercises (both slow and rapid) along with the DVD. As your pelvic muscles strengthen, you can add the additional weight which attaches magnetically. You'll need a rigid erection (with or without medication) in order to use the weights. (You don't need a rigid erection for the basic program.)

I know, penis weights may seem like a gimmick. But they're not, I assure you. Don't take my word for it -- here's what my 57-year-old male tester had to say:

It’s great. It takes you through the things you can do to build up those muscles. This program with your choice of a male or female voice tells you exactly how, when, and for how long, and gives you a signal that makes it so much easier. It’s like the reason you hire a fitness trainer – sure, you can lift weights on your own, but a trainer helps you.

 The book is great because it talks about why you’re doing this and gives background information, in easy to understand terms.  

When you get more advanced, you can use the weight system. The weights are comfortable, easy to slip on, and they work.  

The whole program is well thought out, and very easy and comfortable to use. It’s a great system. I think it would benefit just about anybody. 

I was having trouble with getting erections. Using this program, my erections became as firm on their own as when I was using Viagra! 

Thank you, Private Gym, for sending me this program for my tester and me to review. This is a powerful tool, especially the complete program, because the weights can make a huge difference.

Because the Private Gym folks know how this program will benefit our age group, they are offering readers of this blog a whopping 25% discount. Just type the coupon code Joan25 in the coupon box when you order. I hope you try it. Stick with the program and let us know how it goes.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Are you a senior who dates? Or wants to?

The Number of Seniors Having Sex is on the RiseOne of my most popular workshops is "How the Heck Do I Date at This Age?" As seniors, newly single or maybe seems-like-forever single, we face special challenges trying to connect for love, sex, intimacy, companionship, friendship, social activities, or some combination of these. Whenever I speak to audiences over 50, 60, 70+, some of the most common questions I'm asked are these:

  1. How do I meet someone? (This question is asked 90% of the time.)
  2. Do I have to tell the truth about my age?
  3. How do I write an online dating profile?
  4. Why do I get (a) no responses from online dating; or (b) lots of responses from the wrong people?
  5. How do I find out early on if a potential date will want to be sexual without coming across as creepy/ slutty/ scary?
  6. If I have a first date with someone I don't want to see again, is it ok to just "disappear" and ignore future messages from this person?
  7. How do I handle rejection?

Each of these questions needs and deserves more space than part of a blog post to answer -- except for #2 (yes, please, even though most people don't) and #6 (no, craft a simple and kind message about not being a match, no need to explain why).

I discuss dating at length in my newest book, The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50, including much of the information and tips from my workshop. I've also written more than 60 blog posts on dating -- start here and keep selecting "older posts" when you scroll down to the bottom of the displayed posts.  If you'd like me to write a more detailed post answering any of the questions above, or a new question, please write your request as a comment on this post.

I'm happy to see that other online resources address senior dating. Dating Senior Men is a lively and often instructive blog about dating and sex by Sienna Jae Fein, an over-60 widow.

'"Love knows no season and therefore knows no difference."', which offers advice from dating experts, has a section especially for seniors. For example,'s "5 Senior Dating Rules You HAVE to Follow" suggests ways that you can get out and be active in the dating world. I would add to this brief article that even if you don't "meet someone" doing these activities, you'll have a fuller, richer, more enjoyable life. Then when you do meet someone in the future, you'll come across as fulfilled and active, which is much more appealing than seeming depressed and desperate.

“The Ulitmate Guide to Sex After 50″: Joan Price’s Groundbreaking BookI was delighted when wanted to review my new book and interview me in an article by Hayley Matthews titled
“The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50″: Joan Price’s Groundbreaking Book. “Our sexuality isn’t just about what happens when our genitals connect, or try to," I'm quoted as saying. "It weaves into how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, what we want from our next relationship, what we learned from our last one(s). So yes, the information about dating, solo sex and sex with a new person are all part of what we may go through as we age.”

(Several writers have sent me their books about senior dating, and I keep intending to do a roundup of these. Forgive me, writers -- so many projects, so little time. I'll let you know when I catch up.)

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