Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Safer Sex for Seniors -- again!

Safer Sex for Seniors -- yes, I'm talking about this again.

You know I've been on a soapbox about this for years, telling you the stats about STDs in our age group; encouraging you to use barrier protection if you're not in a committed, exclusive relationship; sharing tips for having the "Condom Conversation" in my books, here on this blog, on Huff/Post50, and wherever I can spread the word; giving out free condoms at my dating workshops.

If you're age 50+, sexually active, and not in a monogamous marriage or a long-term, sexually exclusive relationship, would you answer some or all of these questions for an article I'm writing?

Do you use barrier protection (condoms, dental dams, etc.) with your partner(s)?
  • What considerations go into your decision whether or not to use barrier protection? How do you decide?
  • Do you sometimes intend to use safer sex, but in the heat of the moment, you don't?
  • If you don't use protection, why not? 
  • Have you tried the female condom (FC2) for vaginal or anal sex? How did you like it?  
  • What facts about STDs in our population would be important for you to know?
  • What else would you like to know from our community about our attitudes and behavior as we discuss this topic?

Comment here, or if you want to do it more privately, email me directly, including your age, please. If you comment here, give yourself a first name (it doesn't have to be your own) instead of just calling yourself "anonymous," and please include your age.

I might quote what you tell me in the new article I'm writing, but I won't identify you in any way (unless you want me to).

The conversation is open! Your turn.

What are those things that look like compact cases in the top photo? They're condom cases, the brainchild of Marsha Bartenetti and her daughter Rachael Sudul of Just In Case.

The case looks like a regular compact. Open it, and there's a mirror.
Open the next layer, and there's a space to stash a condom. Discreet, fits in a purse or pocket. 

See the different styles here. Thank you, Just In Case, for sending me these samples.