Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Twister: gorgeous glass toy

OK, here’s my dilemma. I love TheTwister glass sex toy from adult toys. It’s gorgeous, a work of art. I love the ergonomic handle. I love how it holds cold (I love cold!) if I pop it in the freezer for a while first. I love that it's safe, medical grade glass.

So what's not to love? This: the size and shape of the "bulb" part means that I haven’t been able to insert it, just tease myself with it.

Although it's listed with a diameter of 1.5", pulling a tape measure tightly around the widest part gave me a full 5"circumference, which according to's calculator is 1.5915494309189535 diameter. Okay, call it 1.6". If you prefer slimmer or can't handle this girth, you need to know this. It might have worked with more of a tapered shape instead of the almost immediate girth of the "bulb."

I know that for most of my readers, that extra fraction of an inch of girth would not be a problem, and it really is a fabulous, lovely pleasure object. Young women reading this are scratching their heads wondering how 1.6" can be considered girthy.

But many women of our age -- especially those not having regular intercourse or large-ish toy penetration and/or experiencing vaginal discomfort and/or tightness in the vaginal opening--  know what I'm talking about. If that's your situation, just know that might be a limitation of your full (pun intended) enjoyment of The Twister.

Once you get past the size, or the size gets past you, this is an extraordinary toy.  It is made of medical-grade, hand-blown glass: hypoallergenic, non-porous, extremely durable. If you're fearful of using glass, be assured: it's not going to break or chip or send slivers into your vagina. Really. Handle it, and you'll see what I mean. It's smooth, hard, and oh so lovely.

A fabulous attribute of medical-grade glass is that you can heat it with hot water or even in the microwave, or cool it in the refrigerator or freezer. I love the sensation of cold, so I was eager to try this. I put it in a freezer bag to keep it clean and left it in the freezer for a couple of hours. Of course my warm body heated the toy eventually, but the shock of feeling smooth, icy glass was delicious.

The toy as a whole is quite short, just 4.25" insertable, nice for those who enjoy penetration but not deep penetration. It has a flange base -- a larger lip or collar that keeps it in place and stops it from disappearing inside you (not that it really could disappear vaginally, of course, but the flange is necessary if you use it anally).

The little handle is a smart idea -- you can hold on to the Twister and -- as the name says -- twist or "stir" it for extra sensation. By the way, the little handle is ergonomically excellent for those of us with wrist arthritis -- you can rest the handle between two fingers without any need to grip it.

It doesn't vibrate, but it doesn't need to. You can twist  it if you want the motion. There's plenty of pleasure in it!

I've photographed the gorgeous Twister with different backgrounds because it's hard to show what a clear glass object looks like when you see the background through it.

Thank you, adult toys, for sending me the lovely Twister!

Intrigued by glass toys, but not sure Twister is the one? See all the lovely glass toys at

4/19/12 Update: I was delighted to hear from Rudy from, the company that makes The Twister and other glass toys. Far from being unhappy that I pretty much said that many of you won't be able to use The Twister, he was grateful for the information! Bloggers who review sex toys often want bigger, longer, fatter, more of everything. It's important for companies and retailers that want to market to our age group to understand what we want and need, and Rudy expressed exactly that. He sent me two slimmer glass toys and another is on the way -- my new review will be coming soon!


  1. I can see where the twister would be good anally, but some give in the toy there is always nice too. Glass can be ok, but I prefer a gel silicone plug in my tushy.

  2. Geri GreeneMarch 01, 2012

    Ohhhh . . . the article had my attention and then I saw the closing photo. A golf buddy once told me my favorite non-PC joke: "Q: Do you know why god invented women? A: Because sheep can't cook." I will send him this photo. He uses the signature E.F. Mutton and calls me Fluffy.


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