Friday, September 16, 2011

Naked at Our Age Facebook Page

If you wish I'd post more frequently, here's how to get your senior sex information fix daily, or even several times a day: My Naked At Our Age Facebook page is a resource for all sorts of news, views, and tidbits that relate to senior sex and sometimes to sexuality in general.

Here are some recent topics from the past few days:
  • The Great Wall of Vagina: a video about an art project presenting casts of vulvas, so we can see that we're all unique and beautiful, and our vulvas don't need surgical fixing.
  • Vibrators and Airports Don't Mix: When a sex educator traveling in China with her LELO Mia was questioned by non-English-speaking security, how did she communicate what this item was?
  • Do Christians have the largest penis? An 80-year-old blogger blames feminism, homosexuality, and Mexicans for the shrinkage of the average penis from 6.5" to 5.25".  Or is it all a spoof?

I hope I've stimulated your curiosity! Visit, "like" the page so you can comment, and enjoy!



  1. I wonder Joan, what are the responses from the younger crowd like in your work in general? Facebook is a very open forum (I'm not on it) and do you ever get negative or even crass feedback? If so how do you deal with it (in general)?

  2. No, 8/20 Anon, I don't get crass feedback on Facebook about my work -- maybe because no one can post unless they "like" the page, which makes them visible and identifiable. Even younger people are very supportive on FB.

    I do get crass emails from time to time, mostly from young men requesting naked photos or offering to send me theirs, but other than an awful day when the creeps descended on my blog (see -- copy & paste if it doesn't link, or just search "creeps" in my blog's search box), people are usually very respectful and supportive.

    It's heart-warming, actually, to see support from the young crowd as well as my own age group!

    Good question!

    - Joan


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