Friday, February 25, 2011

Do you blog about senior sex?


Do you have a blog or website about
  • Senior sex/ dating/ relationships?
  • Sex -- and you don't shy away from aging?
  • Aging -- and you don't shy away from sex?

If so, please email me with the URL of your blog/site, a description of what you publish, and your direct email address. I'll tell you why after I hear from you!

You're welcome to post a link to your blog or site as a comment here, too, but please email me so I know how to contact you directly.

Thank you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bcurious by Bswish vibrator review

I like that vibrator designers are experimenting with shapes that fit the contours of female anatomy and hit the pleasure spots without a preconceived notion of what a sex toy has to look like. The Bcurious is a plastic/silicone clitoral vibrator with a curved shape that cups the vulva.

The Bcurious is 4" long and 1.5" wide, fitting easily in the hand, lightweight, and reasonably quiet. It's smooth and hard, with very little drag from the texture. The 7 vibrational patterns are accessible by pressing a button which is easy to see and feel. It's  rechargeable and when it's in use, there are no cords. It's waterproof!

The whole toy vibrates, with the most intense vibration focused at the pointy tip, giving a pinpoint focus on the clitoris.

I guess that's my problem with it -- I prefer really strong vibrations, but diffused over the clitoris and surrounding area. If I select top intensity, it isn't quite strong enough if I rub the whole area, but it's too "sharp" feeling if I aim the pointy part right on the clitoris. Other reviewers I've read, like Epiphora, have loved the pointy shape, so it's just me.

Since it isn't quite strong enough, I tend to press down, and it feels a bit too hard. I'd like a little more "give" when I'm pressing down, and stronger vibrations.

And you? That's why multiple reviews are important. Once you find a reviewer who seems to like what you like -- strength, shape, form, function -- keep reading her reviews. Comment, too -- it's lovely to discover we're not singing in the wilderness!

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Many thanks to EdenFantasys for providing the Bcurious by Bswish for review.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"How do I know what I want? " Choosing your first sex toy

Joan surrounded by toys at Good Vibrations
On another site, a woman of our age wrote,

I went into an adult sex shop for the first time and I was so confused that all I could do was make a quick lap around the store and get out of there as fast as I could. How in the world do I know what I want?

 I answered there, and am repeating myself here in case more of you have this question. Being a sex toy reviewer at ease with toys, including handling them in a store, I don't want to forget that many women (and men!) our age are not accustomed to sex toy shops or even to sex toys in general! Here's what I said, and I welcome your comments: 

Sexuality shops can be intimidating first time around! Thre are so many types/sizes/shapes/functions of sex toys these days that it's understandable that you'd be intimidated. Once you get to know what you like, you'll appreciate the variety. Until then, though, educate yourself in these ways:

1. Read some "first timer" articles such as "Why to use and how to choose vibrators" from A Woman's Touch.

2, Figure out what kind of vibrator you want: clitoral? vaginal? both? strong? mild? Does noise matter? Shape? Size? Do you want waterproof?

3. Then read reviews of various vibrators that fit your specifications. Of course I recommend my own plentiful reviews because they're written from a senior perspective. You can find them here. (Keep scrolling down to "older posts," because I've written many of them!")

4. Once you've found a few that entice you, read more reviews by Googling the name of the toy + "reviews" and you'll learn more. Different reviewers have different likes and dislikes, so once you find a reviewer whose choices (and reasons for choices) you like, keep following that reviewer.

Now you're ready to return to that sex shop -- or shop online -- and you'll feel much more at ease! A good, woman-friendly sex shop has staff ready to assist, so try to get past the shyness and ask questions. Believe me, you'll never come up with a question they haven't heard many times before!

Hope this is helpful,

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Soraya and Alia: two elegant vibrators from LELO

If you can afford a luxury item for yourself or for a woman you love, one of LELO's elegant, uniquely shaped intimate massagers (as LELO refers to them) is a Valentine's Day gift that's sure to please, and I mean that in every sense of the word. They're smooth and beautiful, made of high-grade silicone, rechargeable, quiet, and waterproof. And did I say beautiful?

The Soraya  is designed to give clitoral stimulation with the "bump" section while you insert the elongated part for vaginal stimulation. The hole in the widest part is for holding -- you slip a thumb or a finger or two in the hole, and it's easy to hold and manipulate with no need for gripping.

The goal is the same as a "rabbit" vibrator, but this dual-action work of art is so far from "rabbit" looking that it's difficult to include it in the same class of vibrators.  Each pleasure point has its own motor, so you can adjust how much and what kind (8 modes!) of vibration you want. Most modes rumble or twitch from one section to the other, though you can get steady vibration in either or both  and even turn off one motor if you prefer.

As much as I wanted to love the elegant Soraya, I had trouble trying to make the clitoral bump land where I wanted it when the long part was inside. Although the bump is flexible, I couldn't position it comfortably without the innie changing its position and becoming less stimulating or downright unpleasant. For example, if I tried to rest the bump along my clitoris and follow my natural contour while inserting the long part, it went too deep and too far forward. If the innie was comfortable, the bump just grazed the clitoris if I bent it in, and that wasn't conducive to pleasure, either.

This isn't a criticism of the Soraya really -- it's a statement about how we're all built in different shapes and sizes, and that applies to our genitals as well as the rest of our bodies. Unless a fully adjustable vibrator comes along (I wish!), sizing and contouring them will be hit-or-miss. From other reviews I've read of the Soraya, most women don't have this issue and find the hot balance easily and eagerly.

My fit issue with the Soraya made me even more eager to try the  Alia, a clitoral stimulator with a unique shape: oval, with holding hole in the middle.

There's no one "right" way to use it -- experiment. You might want to lay it flat against your vulva, or hold it perpendicular if you prefer direct rather than diffused stimulation.

This vibrator has 6 modes from the control buttons that, while practically hidden to the eye, are easy to locate by feel. If you want to share the experience with a lover, the Alia is couple-friendly.

I really enjoyed the shape of the Alia and the ease if use. But it was just a tad too mild for perfection. It's strong -- plenty strong for most women -- just not super-wow strong as I prefer.

Thank you, LELO, for sending me these two gorgeous products for review.

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