Saturday, January 17, 2009

"A Powerdrill in Your Pants" -- Who wants that?

I get many spam emails advertising a bevy of erectile enhancement drugs and devices. I delete them without reading them. Today one came through with a header promising "a powerdrill in your pants." Others tell me (thinking I'm a man, or not caring who I am) that my woman will love being pounded, plundered, and otherwise assaulted with a huge tool.

Who actually believes -- and buys! -- this stuff? Is there a man alive who really thinks we women erupt in orgasms over a "powerdrill" of a penis? Ewwww. Even the thought is painful. Has anyone today -- male or female -- missed the message that a woman's pleasure center is her brain, number one, and her clitoris, number two. A powerdrill in the vagina doesn't set off either one of these. I wouldn't even insert an electric toothbrush. (Now a made-for-the-task vibrator, that's another story. But more on that another time.)

And while I'm questioning the sexual messages that bombard us, have you noticed that every time a couple on television get excited enough to start shedding clothing, they rip clothes off each other and often start having intercourse on the floor, or on a narrow couch, or against the wall, anywhere other than the comfort of a bed. And forget foreplay. Just get to it.

Even when I was young and quick to arouse, I chose comfort, slow arousal, and leisurely sex. Am I the only woman who never had sex against a wall, and who never wanted to? Or is this just one more example of how media sex is disconnected from real sex?

Are we teaching our young people that this is the way we like and expect to be treated? Shudder.

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  1. Joan, I admit that I was a male whose aim was to get his penis into a vagina and cum whenever. I gave little regard to the needs of a woman. My principal concern was the penis and how hard it was.
    How times change ! Whilst I am still very conscious of my penis (and how hard it might be in the mornings) I am now very conscious of the needs of my lady and I seek to pleasure her first.
    Love making has moved to intimacy, slow arousal, nakedness, touching, kissing, oral. All resulting in a love package lasting an hour or more. I am so grateful I am in this place.
    I think we were very uneducated and our primary concern was birth control and did the rubber work.
    Love at sixty is so different.


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