Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leap! by Sara Davidson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Leap! What Will We Do with the Rest of Our Lives by Sara Davidson. Davidson reflects on aging, sex, love, bodies, career, community,spirituality, and world view and interviews dozens of other Boomers about their lives and views.

Many of her interviewees were well known during when the older Boomers were coming of age, such as Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Paul Krassner, Carly Simon, Gloria Steinem, Cheryl Tiegs, Ram Dass, and Andrew Weil. Others lived less in the public eye, but contributed vitally to the arts, healthcare, spirituality,and education.The insights -- both Davidson's own and those of her interviewees -- are thought provoking and fascinating.

"The Second Sexual Revolution," the chapter about "sex in the master years," is funny, real, and poignant. "How can sex feel more intense and expansive at this time than when we had raging hormones and oculd climax without effort?" she asks. "I would assert that we've become more complex, richened with sorrow and joy, and that there's more to us -- we bring more, release more, savor more."

Some people have criticized the book for being too much about celebrities and too little that applies to rest of us. I disagree. Learning how the people who helped to shape our world view decades ago are doing now, what they're thinking, how they look back and forward, how they cope with their own aging in a world that, in most cases, has moved past their contributions, is fascinating and valuable.

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