Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Elder sex on HBO's Tell Me You Love Me

Are you watching Tell Me You Love Me on HBO? As I've written before, I'm thrilled by the show's portrayal of elder sex (Jane Alexander and David Selby). In the latest episode, the couple in their seventies had face-nuzzling, tender, slow sex in a chair (we know the husband has a bad back -- a nice, realistic touch! -- and maybe that's a comfortable position for him), and she had what might be television's first elder female orgasm.

After all I've written and ranted about the media never portraying an older couple having joyful, affectionate sex (without treating it as ludicrous and icky), I'm happily eating my words. Thank you, HBO.

I'm finding the age angle of the show so interesting! The older couple is the only one having gentle, loving, uncomplicated sex, while the youngest are so driven and -- it seems -- angry that the guy never even gets his pants past his ankles. At least Jamie (the young woman) stops long enough to reach for a condom!


  1. Speaking as a 46 year old, I was quite delighted to see that scene. It reassured me that sex 20 years from now can be just as exciting and passionate as it was 20 years ago. And I do vividly remember how good it was 20 years ago, Joan. ;-)


  2. Ah, Jeff -- I remember also! ;)

    Now who was saying that older women aren't interested in younger men? I believe the writer of the previous comment is the man I spent my 40-something birthday with, when he was a lad in his twenties. Lovely memory, Jeff!

  3. Yay! That's wonderful! I love seeing how older people make love... it gives me a possibility of what it might be like for me when I'm older, and what it might be like for the older people I already know.


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