Friday, August 24, 2007

Question for International Viewers

I see that this blog is attracting visitors not only from the United States but also from all over the world. My last 100 visitors, for example, included viewers from India, Africa, Sweden, Australia, Spain, England, France, Malaysia, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium and Turkey. (Don't worry -- I can't tell who you are or where you live beyond just the region where your computer resides.)

I'd love to hear from my international viewers about where you're from, why you visited this blog, and how your country views older age sexuality. You can either comment here or send me an email, with permission to post your answer.

Thank you!

-- Joan


  1. Hi Joan! I´m a Brazilian nurse living and working in Sweden. Most of my patients are +65 and unfortunately talking to older people about sex is still a taboo over here. So I find your blog very interesting.
    Take care!

  2. I thought Sweden was on the forefront when it comes to openness about sexuality. It surprises me to read that talking to older people about sex is "still a taboo" there.

    It would be fascinating to compare attitudes in various countries around the world toward older age sexuality. I still have this wonderful fantasy that there are other places outside the U.S. where us older people have an easier time being sexy.

    It's not that I see other places as a paradise, because everywhere there are problems and drawbacks.

    I often wonder what it's like for older people in Brazil for instance. I'm fascinated with Carioca (residents of Rio de Janeiro) culture and the emphasis, as I understand it, on enjoying the pleasures of life. I've heard that anyone, no matter what age, can wear those tiny string bikinis at the beach, and this is perfectly acceptable. I would imagine that the emphasis on fitness and beauty is for some a lifelong pursuit. To me this sounds like a very refreshing attitude.

    If women over 50 -- even women who were in good shape -- wore string bikinis at the beach here in the States . . . well we can all imagine the articles on the internet and other media about that! The flack about "icky" old ladies showing all that bare skin.

    I haven't been to Rio de Janeiro, but a couple of years ago I wore my bikini from the 70's to the beach in Cape Cod. (I was 52 at the time and had been working out.) People there are polite and no one said anything, but the vibe of "what is wrong with this crazy woman wearing a bikini when she's not skin and bones and under 40" was thick as anything. When we left the lifeguards, who usually ignore everyone, made a big point of waving goodbye to us. It was fun feeling the breeze on my bare skin, and fun to be that daring, but the bikini is back in the drawer.

    That's the good old "liberal" United States for you! Despite the fact that the seamy underbelly of sexuality is in everyone's face almost all the time, when it gets down to serious business we are a nation of prudes.

    I think Americans can learn a lot from people in other countries.


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