Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sue Johanson: Great Sex after 30 Years of Marriage

Feisty Sue Johanson, who entertains and informs viewers of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson on Oxygen TV, tells the July/August 2007 issue of AARP The Magazine how to have great sex after 30 years of marriage. Her tips:

Talk about cellulite. Talk about wrinkles. Ignoring changes in your body won't make them go away.

Dress up like Tarzan. Or a nurse. No one else will know.

Guess what? Many older couples don't like penetration. Luckily it's not the only way to have fun.

Do the dishes naked.

Waiting until you're in the mood is baloney. Try going along with your partner when you don't feel like it. You might be surprised.

Take a vacation. It's amazing what happens in Nassau.

What should we add to this list? I'd add these:

Get a sampler kit of lubricants and try them all.

Read erotica to each other.

Take tango, waltz, or nightclub 2-step lessons.

Surprise each other.

Your turn -- what would you add?


  1. My suggestion to other couples: Lose the Mood. Don't worry about being in the mood or getting in the mood. Practice the sacred sexuality essensuals:
    - Breathe
    - Relax
    - Reconnect with the love of this person
    - Remember the good times
    - Let go of have to's, shoulds, and performance
    - Treat your partner's body as your favorite pet. Pet & praise it. Alot. Nice long intentionally affectionate strokes. Long strokes release oxytocin which increases a feeling of well being and blood flow.

    After 20 minutes of breathing and petting, the genitals engorge, the brain waves change, and the arousal system is pumped.

    When I do this, in about 10 - 20 minutes, my body (or my partner's) will awaken to its potential for connection and arousal.

    After the body awakens, include the genitals. Our genitals love pets, pats, caresses and adoration too! I recomend being the number one fan of your beloved's genitals. If not you, then who?


    M. Francesca Gentille - Diva of Divine Relationships, Member the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors & Therapists Relationship, Life & Sexuality Coach

  2. Have you seen the new clip for Sue Johanson's show on Oxygen? It is hilarious. This woman is amazing.


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