Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Older Women and Sex Shops?

What do you imagine a sex shop to be, if you've never been in one? A sleazy, dark space with sticky spots on the floor and walls? Photos of gaping orifices? You're in for a surprise when you walk into the brightly lighted, playfully arranged, and downright inviting woman-friendly sex shops (as I call them). I discover that most women of my age and older have no idea that there are such stores!

I've been giving some workshops in woman-friendly sex shops such as Good Vibrations in the San Francisco Bay Area, A Woman's Touch in Madison & Milwaukee, Venus Envy in Ottawa, Babeland in New York City, and Early to Bed in Chicago. What fun it is when a first-timer enters one of these welcoming stores and discovers a wealth of information, entertaining "touch me" displays of everything you can (and can't!) imagine to enhance sex, and helpful staff.

I enjoy presenting my workshops in these venues because I can be absolutely candid there, talking about different types of vibrators for enhanced arousal, lubricants for comfort and sensation, props that are helpful for bad backs, and more.

Yet I am frustrated that many women who seek this information and would benefit most from my workshop don't think they'd feel comfortable setting foot in a so-called sex shop!

What do you think? What have your experiences been?

-- Joan


  1. Joan, I can't wait to see you and enjoy your energetic and fun presentation style, in one of your Bay Area visits.

  2. There is a very classy on-line boutique designed for women who aren't comfortable shopping for sex toys in "public".

    Cleosboutique.com was launched October 10th and they carry the best products including those for special needs. There's also plenty of romantic aids and the best part is the raciest stuff is in the "top floors" so you can decide what you want to look at!


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