Monday, May 01, 2006

Seeking Couples Who Met Midlife or Later

Are you a couple in love who met each other after age 40? I'm seeking interviews for a national magazine article.

The editor was intrigued by my story of meeting the love of my life when I was 57 and Robert was 64, five years ago. She wonders if there are other similar stories out there -- I'm sure they are many! Do you have a story of meeting your love at midlife or later, and would you be happy to be interviewed about your meeting, your romance, and your current relationship? (No intimate details necessary for this article.)

If so, please email me directly so I know how to contact you.

I hope you'll also post a comment here, because I have many single readers who tell me they think it's too late to meet someone and fall in love again. That's what I thought when I was single and seeking love in my fifties. Let's show my readers that it's never too late!


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