Monday, January 30, 2006

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-- Joan


  1. Dear Joan, I am a 59 year old woman. Your new book just arrived yesterday so I'm just starting to read it. I very strongly feel that a "Sex after 60" book needs to be written for men! I believe that I can get a few men that I know to be willing to contribute their stories to you.
    I have found that there appears to be nothing out dealing with mens issues. Frankly, as a Woman, I'd buy such a book. I want to know what is on Men's minds. I'd bought your book in hopes that male issues would also be covered. I'd thought that "Better than you ever expected - Sex after 60" would have had more about MEN in it.

  2. That's a very good point that women want to know what men are thinking. In fact, many men have been reading Better Than I Ever Expected to find out what women are experiencing and thinking.

    Keep reading -- men's issues ARE covered in Better Than I Ever Expected, just not in the same detail that women's issues are, because I felt that a woman-to-woman book was needed this time. Maybe a man-to-woman book is needed next time!

    -- Joan

  3. A long overdue book! But I am disappointed in the cover - those legs surely don't belong to a 60+ ! Where are the bunions? Where are the varicose veins? Telling it like it is is one thing, but the world apparently isn't ready for a big dose of visual reality!

  4. Funny you should mention the legs on the cover! I thought the legs were great -- many women of our age do aerobics, dance, or hike and indeed do have legs that look that good.

    But you're right -- we do need to face the visual reality that we're not inhabiting the bodies we used to. In fact, I discuss this in the book with a full chapter on bodies and faces, with a wonderful commentary from Robert about why he finds wrinkles sexy!

    Thanks for contributing!

    -- Joan

  5. Hey Joan! Your book was great, I hope more men read it. I've discovered 60+ women are much better than I ever expected! I'm 56 and had intimate relationships with two women in their 70's. Your book has help me understand the physical and mental make up of these wonderful women and to be a better lover. I'm looking forward to your next book!

  6. Michael, thanks for writing. I'm delighted by the number of men who write! I don't know where you're located, but I'm planning a spring workshop in Ottawa and a summer workshop in Berkeley CA where men and women speak candidly to each other about older-age sexuality.

    Watch this blog for info, and/or contact me with your location so I can let you know if I'll be in your area.

    -- Joan

  7. Maggie, age 64May 16, 2006

    What you are doing with this book is so wonderful. The time my husband and I have spent together has been improved by your suggestions.

    The reason your book is so meaningful to me is that you shared in an honest and loving way some good tips and are discussing things I wish I had had the freedom to discuss with other women.

    My husband has enjoyed reading the book also because the discussion is open and helpful. We have already experienced a renewed closeness because there are so many extended positive things that come from sexual enjoyment of each other in a trusting relationship.

    I know that this book will be very successful because it meets a huge need.

    You are personally delightful and that certainly will go far in letting other women know that we all have a God given right to enjoy sex in these years of our life.

  8. I just found your site today and have only had a chance to read a portion of all the information on it.
    My question to you is this: if on-line dating has proven unsatisfactory, what are some other ways to meet men over the age of 60 who are looking to get back in the "dating world".

  9. I'm 28 and wish women in their 60's would be more open to sex with younger men but from my experiance they seem very closed up.

  10. Hi Joan,
    I acknowledge you for the courage to publish your book. There is much healing that needs to happen from
    negative beliefs about sexuality.
    Thank you, Joan!

    Here is a poem of mine about sensuality.
    Sher Christian

    My Blog:
    Sensuous Woman
    I’ve submerged in watery realms of shame, pushed down, drowned with myriad thoughts, decisions to make, details to handle. I surface you. Float me out of over-strive to achieve with playful grace. Let’s revel in a sensual swim, swirl in fragrance of spring-kissed cheeks, honey dust, love-tumbled sheets, baked-golden grass in summer rain. We’re caressed by satin waterfalls, splashes of apricot sunrise, sprays of lemon light, frosty skies, cool silver mist, streaming sunsets of scarlet. I shed dry ways, faded dress, slip into this sultry self. Sensuous woman,
    Let's get juicy.
    ©2004 from Star Kissed Shadows by Sher Lianne Christian

    My Blog:


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