Monday, January 30, 2006

What about a man's book?

I've talked to some men who are encouraging me to write a book similar to Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty about men after midlife talking about their sexual feelings, experiences, changes, challenges, and past history, along with advice from experts on male sexual issues. I have some questions for you:

1. Would you be interested in reading such a book? What would you hope to read in it?

2. Would men be responsive to a book like this written by a woman? Would they be honest with a woman interviewer? I thought that men would prefer a male writer for a book on male sexual experiences, but I've had men tell me that they talk more easily and intimately with a woman than a man.

3. If I do write this book, and you are a man at midlife or beyond, would you be interested in sharing your sexual thoughts, history, current challenges, and stories? (If so, email me your contact information, please!)


-- Joan

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-- Joan

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Press Democrat: "I met the man of my dreams at 57."

Sara Peyton's spicy "Book People" column in Sonoma County's Press Democrat today talked at length about me, my relationship with Robert, and the journey that led to writing Better Than I Ever Expected. Following are a couple of excerpts. (Click here to read the article.)

"I had met the man of my dreams and the love of my life at age 57 when he was 64," said Price. "Not only did we enjoy a wonderful, romantic relationship but also really hot sex. I considered it the best sex of my life, physically fulfilling and emotionally high. We were bringing to the relationship wisdom and knew what we wanted to communicate - all in one sexy package."
Just consider the irony, Price adds. "We went through our youth wishing men would give us more foreplay and now they're doing it. Sex is no longer a rush to the finish line.

(from "Female authors offer advice on sex later in life: 'Straight talk' about intimacy from Freestone fitness guru" by Sara Peyton, The Press Democrat, 1/29/06)

RebeccasReads: "original book that needed to be written"

Better Than I Ever Expected is an original book that needed to be written ... Joan Price demonstrates the kind of courage rarely shown by writers, particularly on the topic of sexuality.

Alma Bond's review of Better Than I Ever Expected was posted on today. I was moved by how strongly and insightfully Dr. Bond responded to my book. The review is too long to reprint here fully -- and I'd like you to visit Rebecca's Reads and enjoy this website filled with book reviews -- but I can't resist posting a few more excerpts. (Click here to read the full review.)

Joan circulated the following: "Wanted: Interviews with sassy, sexy women, age 60+, who are willing to share feelings and experiences openly and anonymously in a candid, woman-to-woman book." To her surprise, women responded abundantly, & were hungry to share their experiences & reveal the most intimate details of their bodies, fantasies, & relationships. Price uses quotes from these women's responses to illustrate her findings throughout the book.

The book is also helpful in giving advice about certain problems of aging, such as hot flashes, the generation's HRT dispute, painful intercourse, exercises to strengthen muscles to enhance sexual pleasure, preparations to establish intimacy before having sex, the use of sex toys, & solo sex.
[H]ighly recommended for young people on the verge of discovering the paradise of sexuality, for older couples who have been brain-washed into thinking sex is only for the young, & for those happy lovers of all ages who wish to believe that the bliss of lovemaking will continue as long as they live.

Plain Wrapper radio interview

I was interviewed by Eunice Miller on her feisty Voice America radio program, Plain Wrapper, on 1/24/06. We talked explicitly about the challenges of staying sexual in later life, including anecdotes from my story and practical tips. Here's the program description -- to listen on your computer, click the program title.

Plain Wrapper: A Show About Seduction and Function with Eunice Miller
Joan Price - Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty. Is it possible that sex can get better as we get older? According to guest and long time fitness guru, Joan Price, the answer is YES! Join Eunice and Joan as they discuss tips to keep sexual pleasure on the menu. From exercises to sex toys, this very open discussion is educational and entertaining. Joan shares her real life experiences as well as stories from other seasoned women. Sex has no age limits. Learn how to have it all and keep on having it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seasoned Women Spicy in New York Times

The Weekend Arts section of the New York Times, 1/13/06, featured a cover story titled "Post-Salad-Days Women Agree: They Want 'What She's Having'" by Dinitia Smith about books and movies that "echo the message that seasoned women can be sexually spicy."

Better Than I Ever Expected was quoted twice:

Also arriving this month, from Seal Press, will be "Better Than I Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty," by Joan Price, who spices the book up with her own experiences. ("I rub moisturizing lotion gently into Robert's skin," she writes. "I love seeing him standing naked before me.")
By and large, the books carry an optimistic message -- that despite age, menopause and wrinkles, women can continue to enjoy sex. "We are having hot, fabulous sex after sixty," Ms. Price writes. "Society's vew of aging women as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong." Her book includes advice on fitness and remedies for those who can't achieve orgasm.
The article discusses Gail Sheehy's Sex and the Seasoned Woman at length, references movies like "Something's Gotta Give" and "Under the Sand," and quotes Jane Juska (author of A Round-Heeled Woman and the upcoming Unaccompanied Women: Late-Life Adventures in Love, Sex and Real Estate), historian Linda Gordon, and NYU professor of psychiatry Leonore Tiefer. I'm happy to be in such company in this well-written, provocative article.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Robert, Joan's Fiancé , Speaks Out

When Joan was writing Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty and reading drafts to me, often I'd stop her and say, "You're not going to include that, are you?" and she'd say, "Yes, I am."

A private person, I worried that she was getting too detailed and personal. But I went along with her when she insisted, "It's got to be told as it is."

Now I willingly eat my words. The book does exactly what is needed in our lives and our culture. It doesn't beat around the bush--it is truly straight talk, without in any way cheapening the subject. In fact, it elevates the subject through honesty that can be respected at every turn of the page.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Seasoned Women

It wasn't until my own book had gone to press that I learned that Gail Sheehy had written about the same subject, and her book would be coming out at the same time as mine. I had no idea, until I saw her title, that the two of us independently had come up with the term "seasoned women" to describe women 60 and older who have a wealth of life experience, self-knowledge, wisdom, sexual zest, and joie de vivre.

In my book, I gave the term "sexually seasoned women" to the women I interviewed, who shared openly and eagerly their past and present sexual experiences and relationships, and their attitudes about life, sex, relationships, and themselves.

At the same time my book was going to press, Gail Sheehy was titling her book Sex and the Seasoned Woman. I hope readers don't think either of us stole the term from the other. In a way it's a startling coincidence, but in another way, of course we'd both come up with that term. It's just right!

An adaptation appears in today's Parade magazine, and while of course I wish my book had been mentioned also, I'm happy that this topic is finally getting the publicity it deserves.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Newsday: "Sex after 60: It's good news"

Here's Peter King's 12/31/05 review of Better Than I Ever Expected at

Sex after 60: It's good news

Guys, leave the room.

"Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty" (Seal Press, $15.95) by Joan Price is for women only. The book is part motivational memoir, part self-help guide and part sex manual in which Price asserts, "Society's view of aging women as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong."

Price, 61, writes from experience. The book sprang from her own bout of "post-menopausal angst" when she thought her sex life was over. It wasn't, although she writes that "changes after menopause make sexual enjoyment challenging." Even so, Price says her sex life now is better than ever.

"Better Than I Ever Expected" gives older women advice on how to date and how to love. Price, who has written several books on health and fitness, also includes many tips on how exercise makes sex better.

Price recognizes the challenges of older sexuality but revels in the rewards. "We're the Love Generation - we practically invented sex," she writes. "We're not about to shut the gates now!"