Thursday, October 27, 2005

Talking Out Loud

I had the pleasure of talking about my book and my experiences on a panel discussion about older women's sexuality at The Women's Building in San Francisco on October 26, 2005, moderated by Dr. Carol Queen.

The audience of women thrilled me with their responsiveness. They merrily booed and hissed at all the right places when I read about how older women are viewed, rididuled, and ignored by the media. They laughed and applauded when I read excerpts from my sex toys chapter. It was an evening full of joy and sharing.

I'm scheduling talks and workshops during January through May 2006, after the book comes out. So far, I'll be in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York, Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee, with more cities to come. I'll post my schedule as dates get finalized. If you want to suggest an organization that would be receptive to a lively presentation on this topic, please comment here. Thank you!


  1. Hi Joan:

    Congratulations on your book and on the reception you've been getting. I'd like to suggest a follow-up or two -- how about great sex after seventy, and then eighty?

    I realized how out of touch I am with this subject when a friend in her 80s told us that she's finally losing interest in masturbating. I think we managed to hide our initial shock and avoid falling on the floor! This reaction was later followed by thoughts of 'more power to her!' Obviously she's been very comfortable with her sexuality for, well, around eight decades. And how great, this is what there is to look forward to!

    My question for you is this: What can we do to adjust our thinking and help remove the prejudices and stop the snickering when sex and folk in their 60s to 80s are mentioned in the same sentence? it has to happen but it is taking a long time.

    Does this recaction stem from the common discomfort at thinking of your parents as sexual beings, do you think? So therefore, everyone else of that age is out of the running for being sexy? What do you think?

  2. Sue, thanks for your comments! Yes, you've hit the right question: "What can we do to adjust our thinking and help remove the prejudices?"

    That was why I wrote the book and was willing to expose my own intimate experiences and invite other women to do the same.

    I'm working now to get some appearances and events scheduled so that I can talk to people once the book comes out. If you -- or anyone else who reads this -- knows of a place I should come speak, please post here.

    I'll post a list of events already scheduled in San Francisco, Corte Madera (CA), New York, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago -- so far!


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