Thursday, October 27, 2005

Talking Out Loud

I had the pleasure of talking about my book and my experiences on a panel discussion about older women's sexuality at The Women's Building in San Francisco on October 26, 2005, moderated by Dr. Carol Queen.

The audience of women thrilled me with their responsiveness. They merrily booed and hissed at all the right places when I read about how older women are viewed, rididuled, and ignored by the media. They laughed and applauded when I read excerpts from my sex toys chapter. It was an evening full of joy and sharing.

I'm scheduling talks and workshops during January through May 2006, after the book comes out. So far, I'll be in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York, Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee, with more cities to come. I'll post my schedule as dates get finalized. If you want to suggest an organization that would be receptive to a lively presentation on this topic, please comment here. Thank you!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sexually Seasoned Women Speak

I've just posted a sampling of snippets from my interviews with "sexually seasoned women" at I interviewed dozens of women over sixty who were willing to discuss their sexuality, past and present, for my book, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty.

Meet some of these women:

  • Bea, 77, is having the best sex of her life with a man thirty years younger.
  • Claire, 66, has fallen in love with a woman she met online, and has relocated to be with her.
  • Penny, 60, celebrated the birthday of her husband of 38 years by shaving her yoni and dancing for him.
  • Sweet Talker, 65, works as a "phone sex fantasist," playing the role of a 29-year-old model.
  • Rachel, 62, pleasures herself in an elegant ritual.
You'll read hundreds of candid comments, reminiscences, intimate details, and tips from these and many other sexually seasoned women in the book. Sample some snippets from these interviews at

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Older age sexuality on TV?

Is our society becoming more accepting of older age sexuality? I wish.

One day I watched some television talk shows about the sexiness of older women. They dressed sexy, pole-danced, and taught the audience how to strip.

But these so-called "older" women were probably in their forties! I'd like to see women who admit and look like they're over sixty on these talk shows, rousing other older women to assert their sexuality--as the women I interviewed for my book have done.

We need to accept that women can and do stay sexy through the decades, and it doesn't stop when we no longer can hide the wrinkles or saggy skin!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to Better Than I Ever Expected!

My book, Better Then I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty (Seal Press), will be out in January 2006. Please see for a description of this sassy, sexy book combining my personal story with tips and tales from lusty, sexually seasoned women. We're proving that our society's view of older women as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I'd like to invite you --whether or not you're a woman over sixty -- to participate in discussions of ageless sexuality. Please choose a first name of your choice and your age to identify yourself, and feel free to post comments and questions regarding this hot and important topic.

To start you out, what makes sex after sixty better than you ever expected, personally?

I'd like your candid views, and I hope you'll express them respectfully so that all women will feel welcome to read and post, and won't feel they've wandered into a sleazy place. Thank you, and welcome to our community!

Joan Price