Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Woman's Touch: "truly straightforward resource"

A Woman's Touch Sexuality Resource Center has posted a review of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty. I have their permission to reprint it here:

What really happens in the bedrooms of older adults? Are people over the age of 60 still having sex? According to author Joan Price, many women over 60 find themselves in the prime of their sexual lives. This book does a great job of addressing the needs, concerns, and realities of women over 60 and their partners.

Price does a great job of touching on physical, mental, and emotional aspects of sexuality. Expect information on physical fitness and health, dealing with the challenges that accompany postmenopause, how to keep your libido going strong, how to keep your sex life with a long-term partner interesting, what to do if you don't have a partner or have lost your partner, what to do if you or your partner can't have sex, and much more.

There are also helpful appendices including when and how a therapist can be helpful, a list of resources, and the interview questions given to the women who shared their experiences in the book.

Overall, this book is very comprehensive, filled with helpful real-life anecdotes, and a truly straightforward resource for those of us who are past 60 and still going strong.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Radio Blowfish

Blowfish is a marvelous, friendly, online shop for all things related to sexuality. I was invited to be interviewed for a Radio Blowfish podcast. Imagine sitting around a table in a giant warehouse surrounded by bins of lubricants, vibrators, harnesses, and any aid, tool or prop you can imagine, talking straightforwardly about the latest toys, books, and videos.

My interviewers, Diana Cage, and the "Blowfishies" around the table were all much younger, but wow, were they enthusiastic! "It's about time!" they said, when they heard the subject of my book. They were especially interested in which toys and other aids were most effective for women my age.

You can hear this very explicit interview yourself by downloading Episode 10 (December 7, 2005) from Radio Blowfish. If you don't have a podcatcher, just scroll down to where you see "direct download" in itty bitty print. Click on it, then decide whether you want to open it (put it in a temporary folder just to hear it right now -- your computer's media player should open and it will play) or save it to your computer. My segment of the program starts just under 22 minutes into the show), and runs about 10 minutes.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Reader Reactions to Book

Women aquaintances who have bought the book and read it already (everyone says they can't put it down!) are walking up to me and talking freely about their own sex lives and relationships. It's as if we're continuing a conversation in progress. I love this!

I feel like I've opened up a topic that women were hungry to discuss. So many women are already telling me, "It's about time!" And it's not just the older women -- younger women are saying, "I don't plan to give up sex when I'm 60... or 80!"

I'm looking at what women say as clues to what they'd like to see in the next book. As I travel and promote the book, I'll be noting what women ask and tell me, and when their eyes light up when I discuss something.

If you know what you would like to read in my next book, please post a comment here!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Kirkus reviews Better Than I Ever Expected

Better Than I Ever Expected just got a fabulous review from Kirkus! Here's what Here's what Kirkus Reports: Health & Fitness said on December 2, 2005:

Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty
By: Joan Price
Publisher: Seal Press
Pub Date: January 2006
ISBN: 1580051529
Media Contact: Krista Rafanello, 510-595-3664, x 334,

Price wants to bring sexual pleasure and freedom back to the Boomers. “We're the Love Generation,” she says proudly. “We practically invented sex!”

A long-time fitness guru, Price brings an exercise instructor's upbeat tempo and infectious energy to this empowering and straightforward guide to sex for the older woman. Covering everything from sex after menopause to “how to spice up a long-term relationship,” she celebrates the pleasures of sex, but also confronts age-specific sexual issues head-on. Written for both married and single women, there are lots of practical tips for sparking intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. But it's not all instructional, and the inclusion of real-life experiences is what makes this a fun and engaging read. The author's deeply personal memoir as well as the smattering of candid stories she's collected from “sexually seasoned” women will help the 60+ set re-conceptualize themselves as more sexual beings. Chapters on body-image and fitness play a supporting role by helping teach how to feel more comfortable and confident in their skins.

Any older woman who knows sex isn't just for the young will appreciate this fun and frank guide from the self-described “advocate for ageless sexuality.”

Monday, November 28, 2005

What a Response!

The response to the Better Than I Ever Expected has been fabulous already, and the book has been available for just a few days! Sexually seasoned women are ordering quantities of the book, taking care of their holiday gift-giving needs. Young women are giving them to their mothers and grandmothers. A Santa Rosa CA gynecologist bought 10 copies to give to her older patients. I'm being invited to give talks and workshops all over the US and Canada. I'll post the schedule after a couple more dates are confirmed. Please e-mail me at to suggest a venue near you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Power of Language

I wonder how you feel about this.

In my book, I wrote with candor and intimacy, and often described experiences in graphic detail. You'll find all manner of sexual experiences, feelings, and thoughts there! At the same time, I tried to keep my choice of language dignified, out of respect for myself, my partner, and my readers, and because I love the nuance of language.

I know that a rougher, edgier style of language is common when discussing sexuality, especially among young people. I wonder how you feel when you read or hear street slang for sexual acts and body parts. Do you care? Does it bother you? Do you like it?

This came up because someone was discussing my book, using terminology that I would not use myself. I worried that the people hearing this discussion would think that I wrote the way this person talked. I feared that the very people I want to reach -- women over 60 -- would be turned off by that language.

So I thought I'd ask -- what type of language do you prefer when discussing or reading about sexuality, and how much does this matter to you?

Book Arrived!

I am thrilled to tell you that Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty arrived on my doorstep today -- a month sooner than the book is expected to be in stores! How wonderful -- in time for the holidays!

I stayed up all night reading the book, and I have to say it's the best work I've ever done. My other books were written by my brain -- this one came from my heart.

If you'd like to order a few dozen copies (okay, one copy, two copies....), I'm ready to fill your order! Go to the order page of my web site, or phone me toll-free at 1-888-BFITTER. The price is $15.95 plus shipping, and I'll be happy to autograph it for you or your gift recipient.

I'm elated to share this with you!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Talking Out Loud

I had the pleasure of talking about my book and my experiences on a panel discussion about older women's sexuality at The Women's Building in San Francisco on October 26, 2005, moderated by Dr. Carol Queen.

The audience of women thrilled me with their responsiveness. They merrily booed and hissed at all the right places when I read about how older women are viewed, rididuled, and ignored by the media. They laughed and applauded when I read excerpts from my sex toys chapter. It was an evening full of joy and sharing.

I'm scheduling talks and workshops during January through May 2006, after the book comes out. So far, I'll be in San Francisco, Berkeley, New York, Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee, with more cities to come. I'll post my schedule as dates get finalized. If you want to suggest an organization that would be receptive to a lively presentation on this topic, please comment here. Thank you!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sexually Seasoned Women Speak

I've just posted a sampling of snippets from my interviews with "sexually seasoned women" at I interviewed dozens of women over sixty who were willing to discuss their sexuality, past and present, for my book, Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty.

Meet some of these women:

  • Bea, 77, is having the best sex of her life with a man thirty years younger.
  • Claire, 66, has fallen in love with a woman she met online, and has relocated to be with her.
  • Penny, 60, celebrated the birthday of her husband of 38 years by shaving her yoni and dancing for him.
  • Sweet Talker, 65, works as a "phone sex fantasist," playing the role of a 29-year-old model.
  • Rachel, 62, pleasures herself in an elegant ritual.
You'll read hundreds of candid comments, reminiscences, intimate details, and tips from these and many other sexually seasoned women in the book. Sample some snippets from these interviews at

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Older age sexuality on TV?

Is our society becoming more accepting of older age sexuality? I wish.

One day I watched some television talk shows about the sexiness of older women. They dressed sexy, pole-danced, and taught the audience how to strip.

But these so-called "older" women were probably in their forties! I'd like to see women who admit and look like they're over sixty on these talk shows, rousing other older women to assert their sexuality--as the women I interviewed for my book have done.

We need to accept that women can and do stay sexy through the decades, and it doesn't stop when we no longer can hide the wrinkles or saggy skin!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Welcome to Better Than I Ever Expected!

My book, Better Then I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty (Seal Press), will be out in January 2006. Please see for a description of this sassy, sexy book combining my personal story with tips and tales from lusty, sexually seasoned women. We're proving that our society's view of older women as sexless is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I'd like to invite you --whether or not you're a woman over sixty -- to participate in discussions of ageless sexuality. Please choose a first name of your choice and your age to identify yourself, and feel free to post comments and questions regarding this hot and important topic.

To start you out, what makes sex after sixty better than you ever expected, personally?

I'd like your candid views, and I hope you'll express them respectfully so that all women will feel welcome to read and post, and won't feel they've wandered into a sleazy place. Thank you, and welcome to our community!

Joan Price