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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jack LaLanne, 96, dies: Elaine always floated his boat

Jack LaLanne died January 23, 2011 at age 96. You probably remember him as the fitness guru who celebrated his 70th birthday by towing, handcuffed, 70 loaded boats 1.5 miles.

When he was about to turn 95, he said he'd celebrate his birthday by towing his wife Elaine, then 84, across the bathtub. (I learned this from an entertaining article by Scott Ostler in the San Francisco Chronicle October 8, 2009.
LaLanne promoted -- and lived his long, strong life dedicated to -- a stringent and unrelenting exercise and nutrition program. Good sex was part of the lifelong program. "I'm not like I was at 21," he admitted at 90, "but I do the best I can with the equipment. And Elaine's always smiling." (Thanks to Carolyne Zinko for that quote.)

  LaLanne died shortly after Elaine, his wife of 51 years, put a smile on his face by singing to him, "If I were the only girl in the world and you were the only boy. Nothing else would matter in the world today. We could go on loving in the same old way," according to USA Today.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Special Offer: Free Shipping on Better Than I Ever Expected

Special offer for my blog readers and Naked at Our Age Facebook fans:

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Happy, spicy reading!


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Woman, 58, "heavier size," wonders how to attract men

"Sassy" wrote me and asked,

How does one who is 58 almost 59, on the heavier size find someone who would want to go out with her… other than married men?? I do not want to ever get involved with a married man. I’ve been hurt because someone else has stepped in and has taken my man and I don’t ever want to do that to anyone!

Sassy, I don't know why you think your options are limited to married men, just because you see yourself as heavy. Some single men are looking for slim women, yes, but many prefer women on the curvier side, and still others are looking for an emotional and intellectual connection that isn't restricted to a particular waist size.

If the problem is, however, that your weight makes you feel unattractive, that might be what's getting in the way of you attracting the men who interest you. We all have an intuitive sense when someone feels undesirable and self-critical, and that's not a come-hither quality. Please look at whether you're happy at your weight. If not, there are ways to change that. (You'll see on my website that I've written several books about fitness and have recommendations of both books and videos for people who would like to get in better shape.) If you are happy the way you are, walk proudly with a swing in your step and a twinkle in your eye, and show the world that you know you're got a lot to offer.

Since you brought up not wanting to get involved with a married man -- there's a terrific book out now: The Other Woman: 21 Wives and Lovers Talk Openly about Sex,Deception, Love, and Betrayal, edited by Victoria Zackheim. Some of the essays reflect the point of view of the "other woman," others are the wives suffering through their husbands' affairs. The book is strong, stark, and honest.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pole Dancing: Exploitative or Empowering?

I was quoted in today's New York Times commenting on the trend that is bringing pole dancing (complete with instructors and portable, ceiling-high poles) into the homes of middle aged, middle class women, as well as into fitness studios. Here's an excerpt from the article by Tina Kelley:

Some say exercise that echoes the acrobatics done by women who take their clothes off for a living is exploitative rather than empowering. But Ms. Shteir and Joan Price, the author of “Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty” (Seal Press, 2006), see a clear difference between middle-class, middle-aged women choosing to give parties in their homes and women pushed by poverty into potentially dangerous or demeaning work.

“If we were to limit what we do in the realm of affirming our sexuality because it has been used against us in the past,” said Ms. Price, who tried pole dancing in 2005, “we would then be buying into the idea that we don’t own it.”

The important point in the NYT article is that pole dancing, once solely the domain of strippers, has been reclaimed by women in all walks of life and of all ages. Why not? It's a sensual activity that lets us see our bodies as sexy and alluring. We wrap around that pole as if it's a lover. Pole dancing is also full of fun, healthy sexuality, fantasy, and good exercise --just try hanging onto that pole with your arms, your legs wrapped around the pole, your body suspended, and see if it's a fitness challenge!

Besides pole dancing, women are flocking to fitness clubs for strip aerobics (we even saw this on Oprah), burlesque dance, and many other activities that "nice women" -- especially of our age! -- supposedly didn't do.

Physical exercise itself is sexy, and we're bringing the notion up a notch or two by indulging in a fitness activity that is decidedly and openly sexual.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a pole dancing class taught by Virginia Simpson-Magruder in 2005 as part of my research for an article for Marin County's Pacific Sun about innovative exercise classes. Here's what I said about it then:

"Push out your chest more," Virginia Simpson-Magruder tells me in the Pole Dance class at Stage Dor Studio (10 Liberty Ship Way, Suite #340, Sausalito). Let's see: butt out, chest out, look over shoulder, hip out, wrap leg around pole, swing--I never realized that pole dancing would require such strength and coordination. This sensual workout is much more than slithering around a pole--it strengthens the upper body (sometimes your arms are holding your whole body weight on the pole) and feels delightfully sensuous. Instructors Virginia Simpson-Magruder and Lane Driscoll got their training from a former exotic dancer. Yes, we used a real pole. (No, we didn't strip.)

What do you think? Have you tried pole dancing, strip aerobics, or burlesque dance? What was your experience?

Monday, January 29, 2007

"Watch Me!" 50+Fabulous

I'm happy to be profiled on 50+Fabulous "where women 50+ years in age come together to share ideas and motivate one another to renew their sense of self, go after and achieve their dreams NOW, and turbo charge their lives," says creator Patti Heisser. Patti interviewed me at length and wrote a marvelous profile titled "Watch Me!" -- a theme of my life, for sure! -- for the February "Love" issue, online now.

Here's an excerpt:

... At 34, she had the first of two, nearly fatal, head-on collisions. When the doctors gave her the prognosis of a potential ability to walk, she countered with "I don't care about walking, I want to dance!" You just know that, inside her head, she was saying, "Watch me!" ....

With her vast reservoir of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and grit, and while continuing to teach, she embarked on a writing career. She wrote in the morning, taught during the day, taught aerobics after school, and then graded papers in the evening. After saving enough money to support herself for one year, she took a leave of absence, to see if she could sustain herself as a writer. She never looked back.

But she had another goal as well. When she was recovering from her accident, she saw many people who could move and chose not to...who led sedentary lives. She felt passionate about introducing people to the joy of movement. Predictably, she was told "You can't make a living in the fitness industry." And, by now you know what she said..."Watch Me!" She taught classes, became a motivational speaker, taught line dancing and published hundreds of articles and five health and fitness books, most recently The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book: 300+ Quick & Easy Exercises You Can Do Whenever You Want.

Then, on a rainy day, in the same month and just five minutes away from the location of her previous accident 16 years earlier, she got hit head-on again. With the same courage, and determination she lived, she healed, and she danced.

And, so did Robert…right into her life. At 57, Joan met the love of her life in her line dancing class, but it took nine months before they started dating. They were married four years later, she at 62, and he 69.

She discovered how great sex can be at 60+! But, when she also found the cultural taboos surrounding mature sex, she set out to change that too! She shares humor, experience, candid information and the stories of other 60+ women in her book Better Than I Ever Expected. might just want to pick it up this
Valentine's Day!