Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is This Blog Valuable to You? If so...

Every year, the delightful Rori -- sassy, submissive blogger at Between My Sheets -- takes on a monumental task. She asks people who enjoy reading sex-themed blogs to nominate their favorite sex bloggers. She gets hundreds of nominations.

Then Rori, sometimes aided by guest judges and sometimes not, reads every blog that has been nominated, and she selects and ranks the 100 best of the year.

I've had the honor of being nominated and judged worthy of being on this list all four of the past years: #21 in 2009; #10 (!) in 2010; #14 in 2011; and #30 in 2012. I feel particularly honored because this is the only senior sex blog on the list, and one of the few that is educational rather than erotic.

Now I'm doing my annual begging: If you find this blog valuable to you, would you please nominate "Joan Price's sex & aging blog:" on Rori's 2013 nominations page here?

Thank you!
Between My Sheets

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