Sunday, July 07, 2013

If you've commented on my blog in the past....

As you read in my earlier post here, I am collecting reader comments to include in my new book, The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty, to be published by Cleis Press in 2015.

Besides inviting you to contribute comments specifically for The Ultimate Guide to Sex after Fifty, I'm going through the responses you've posted here on this blog over the years. I'm excerpting short snippets of your comments to illustrate points and illuminate topics in this book.

You won't be identified in any way, nor will I use any details that might enable anyone to identify you. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you so much for participating in our community and making this blog a place to exchange ideas, information, experiences, and attitudes. I'm truly moved by your candor and thoughtfulness when you post comments here. Don't stop!


  1. I do not comment often and I certainly have no wisdom to offer, but I will say that your blog has kept my... life going when it seemed to have come to a standstill at one point. I think my wife feels comfortable reading here and sharing with me because she loves your way with words (and I bet she loves the pink too) and it has allowed us to be more open with one another. More than we were for the first 15 years of our marriage! Thank you.

  2. Charles, you made my day with this comment. Thank you, both of you.


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