Friday, August 05, 2011

MiMi - Tiny but Mighty

If you're new to my blog, about every couple of weeks, I review a sex toy from a senior perspective.

What's a "senior perspective" and why do we need it?

Because our need for long, slow arousal necessitates a vibrator that doesn't overheat, run out of battery charge, or burst into flames if we need to use it for a long time. We want sex toys that don't strain arthritic wrists. We want to be able to see the controls without having to put on our reading glasses. Above all, we need intensity: strong vibrations. We're battling our (lack of) hormones, people.

So I review sex toys from this senior perspective. I welcome your comments, whether you agree or disagree. I'm just one person, and our preferences vary. Whether a toy works for me may depend on "fit" as well as preference, and it's useful for all of us if you post your own experience  in the comments section. (Email me if you have trouble with that and I'll walk you through it or post it for you.)

To see the whole list of vibrators I've reviewed, click here.

This week, I'm reviewing the tiny but mighty MiMi. This clitoral vibrator from JeJoue, available from Babeland, rests  easily in your palm, covers your clitoris and labia sweetly, and -- though I haven't tried it this way yet -- is just the size and shape to slip between bodies during partner sex to provide clitoral stimulation.

MiMi has a smooth, matte finish that provides just the right balance between glide and a little "tug" for friction. It's rechargeable: attach it magnetically to its charger ahead of time, then just enjoy it -- no batteries or cords to fuss with during use. It's even waterproof!

The controls are at one end and easy to access during use. I found them a bit difficult to press -- you have to bear down. That may be good, because it prevents accidentally turning it off, which is an annoying problem with some toys!

Cycle through the "+" and "-" buttons to discover five intensities and five different patterns. You know me -- I go for the strongest intensity, steady rhythm. I liked that the vibrations were rumbly rather than buzzy, and for a tiny vibrator, they're pretty strong!

Be careful to avoid getting lube on the controls, which makes them even more difficult to use when slippery. I found that just wiping the controls with a dry washcloth after lubing the toy and myself took care of that problem.

My MiMi is a pretty rose color. It's lightweight and small enough for travel -- just 3-1/2" by 2-1/2". It's quiet for a vibrator, too -- just play some soft music at the same time, and no one in the next room will hear Mimi. (I can't promise they won't hear your pleasure sounds, though.)

MiMi comes in a pretty box for gift-giving.

Thank you, Babeland, for sending this delightful vibrator to me.


  1. Interesting... I've been thinking I should be discussing sex and sex toys from a senior perspective, but haven't been quite sure what that would be. I do know that my orgasms have changed, but am not sure how much is due to the assorted psych meds I take and how much to age.

    I can cum pretty fast if I want to, with just my fingers and my brain, and for mechanical stimulation don't necessarily need or like vibrations that are super strong. But then I also take estrogen, and that must change my response as well.

    Until I started doing reviews myself, sex toys were very rarely part of my masturbation regimen, so it's been an educational research project. I'll have to watch as I grow older (62 now) to see how things change.

    Thanks for your review of the MiMi - I've been curious about it!


  2. I came upon your blog completely by accident but I have to say, I LOVE it. Though not your age, yet - I really love the perspective. It's great to know that an vital aspect of life doesn't evaporate once you reach a certain age!

    I plan to visit often!


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