Monday, March 07, 2011

I Can't Ride the iRide

Sometimes a sex toy looks like more fun than it is. When I saw the iRide, I begged Eden Fantasys to send it to me for review. Since Eden Fantasys appreciates knowing how their toys work from a senior perspective, I received it quickly.

I had to laugh unwrapping it -- it's a boat of a sex toy!

Designed for mounting, it has a pink penis ("probe" is the technical term) and a clitoral "bump." It's huge (the launch pad is 13" long), bright fuchsia pink, funny to look at, and rather intimidating. Do NOT buy this toy for a novice sex-toy user!

And don't buy it for girth-challenged, older women. The pink penis is 1.6" at the widest part. It's not long -- 3.5" insertable length -- but the width made it uncomfortable for me. Maybe it's just me, but my maximum width for an insertable toy is 1.5" and this 1.6" wide (it doesn't sound that much bigger, but past the max is past the max), hard rubber penis stretched my limits and felt too hard and uncomfortable.

I've read other reviews from women who enjoy bouncing on the iRide but found the clitoral bump too hard. I can't imagine bouncing on it, and I couldn't even get far enough onto it (or it into me) for the bump to find my clitoris. You can't get close to the clitoral knob unless you're all the way impaled, something I didn't manage to achieve. (No, I will not make a video of my attempts, as comical as they were.)

If you have no problem enjoying 1.6" girth, you may enjoy this a lot. The control buttons -- one for the penis, the other for the bump -- are easy to find and use, and the vibrations are intense. Hint for older women with arthritic knees: Prop the whole iRide up on a pillow before you straddle it.

The iRide takes 4 AA batteries behind the battery door, easy access and well away from lubricant and clean-up splashes as long as you're careful.  Eden Fantasys sent me some Afterglow toy wipes for simple clean-up.

Thank you, Eden Fantasys, for letting me review the iRide. Sorry it didn't work out for me!

(If you're in or near Sebastopol, CA, and you are screaming, "Joan! Let me have your iRide!" email me.)

11/2011 update: A reader wanted my iRide, I sent it to her, and she reports that the size is fine for her and she's enjoying it. Happy to know that! "You need to use pillows/blankets under it to get the proper angle. Wish it were silicone!" she adds.

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  1. Joan, this toy looks like a crude, ersatz, non-electric version of the "Sybian."

    Test drive one of those. It's price may be prohibitively expensive, but it does come with multiple attachments to suit most any taste.

    For the record, I have never known any woman who has used one, nor have I ever seen one in the real world.

    Your opinion would be welcomed.

  2. AnonymousMay 15, 2011

    Oh come on, between 1.6 and 1.5 it can't make that much of difference. and this is not for bouncing action, it is made in this shape for rocking not for bouncing, did you read the instruction?

  3. Anonymous, why so cranky? As I said, the max is the max. If I couldn't insert it, it's irrelevant whether I wanted to bounce (I didn't) or rock -- I couldn't do anything but grimace and abandon my efforts. I don't know why you need to challenge me so negatively.

    Hope my other posts please you more.


  4. I have this on every one of my wishlists and I must admit I too have read a few reviews that the clitoral bumb is too large and hard. I hadnt even considered wether i would be able to reach it though eeek.
    Anonymous, most reviews of this product involve women bouncing as well as rocking, everyone is different and like sex theres no right or wrong way, its what suits you.
    So sorry this didnt work for you Joan I will let you know when I try one, its still very fascinating.

  5. I had very similar experiences with my iRide. It's such a cool idea but unfortunately now it just collects dust & has since been dubbed the "iDontRide" Thanks for sharing your experiences!!


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