Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sex Toys: 2010 Holiday Recommendations

As a sex toy reviewer, I'd say it's been a great year! Here are a few of my recommendations, with links to my original reviews. From there, you'll find links to retailers I endorse.

Most of my recommendations are new toys in 2010, but not all of them. Just in case you haven't been following this blog religiously for the past four years, I don't want you to miss some all-time favorites that might be new to you, so I've included a few of them, too.

Realize that all the toys I recommend get high marks from a senior perspective: they're strong (most are really strong!) to compensate for our slowing arousal pattern, reliable, comfortable to use (even for athritic wrists), orgasm-inducing effective--and they don't balk at long use times. Bonus points when the controls are easy to figure out without reading glasses.

I only recommend high quality toys, made of body-friendly materials and designed to last. They won't overheat or turn themselves off if we need to keep them running for a while. Because of the standards of design, function, and materials, these aren't cheap. They're like us -- high quality, durable, and ready for pleasure.

Jimmyjane Form 3: Put your finger into the indentation of this sweet vibrator and voila! You get a softly cushioned, intensely vibrating finger.  

LELO Siri:  A clitoral massager that curves over your clitoris and labia with delicious results.

LELO Gigi: I reviewed this G-spot/vaginal vibrator in 2009, and despite the many newer toys I've received, I find myself reaching for this one frequently, pairing it with various clitoral stimulators. I like the slender shape and the design of the G-spotting tip really does aim perfectly.

LELO Lily: Another 2009 favorite, smaller than the Siri, yet still strong. Try this during partner sex -- it's small enough that it won't get in the way, and it will intensify your pleasure.

Vibratex Mystic Wand: I was so surprised by the strength of this vibrator! I often find myself reaching for it instead of the Hitachi Magic Wand when I need a super-strong assist. It's almost as strong as the Hitachi, which seems impossible because it's powered by just 4 AA batteries, and there's no cord to get in the way and no need for an electrical outlet.

Petite Couture Enchanted: Cute enough to make you laugh, but potent enough to make you squirm, this vaginal vibrator is shaped just right to hit the right spots and stay in place almost hands-free. I love the squishiness of this toy, enjoyable--even before its designated use--to just hold and squeeze.
Snow Bunny: I tried rabbit after rabbit, convinced I couldn't find one to fit me, and  then I found the Snow Bunny!

Eroscillator: Long before I started reviewing sex toys, I discovered the Eroscillator and used it for more than a decade. It's great between bodies for partner sex, because the wand is slim enough that it doesn't get in the way. Be sure to try the "marshmallow" attachment -- my favorite!   

My list here is far from comprehensive. Please click here for all my sex toy reviews and commentary -- keep scrolling down and click "older posts" when you get to the bottom, because there are many reviews, and one that was just okay for me might be the one you've been wishing for.

In addition, I have a collection of toys I received in 2010 that I haven't yet reviewed. Look for an update as I discover new ones I have to tell you about.

Your comments are welcome! (But please don't try to use my blog to send my readers to other retailers than the ones I recommend. Those comments never see the light of day.)



  1. Ladies love toys because they WORK! With some of the side effects of today's medications they are NEEDED to finish the job sometimes. Had a friend who was offended if his lady needed a toy to get off. Me, I enjoy watching a lady enjoy her toy(s) - its very erotic to watch and intimate when a lady will share that with a man.

    One of the things a man can do while he's watching is lovingly pleasure himself so the lady has something to watch too - enhances her efforts to achieve orgasm. If a man can control his timing he can ejaculate on his lady's clit or nipple just as she has her orgasm to share the joy and give her extra intimate pleasure.

    One of the best sex toys a man can have in his bedroom is a long extension cord for the ladies who bring their toys along.

  2. Oh yah, the Vibratex "back" massager is soooooooo good, Joan. You know, they have a rechargeable version now, too.


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