Thursday, November 11, 2010

Treeze Wave -- beautiful but big

The Treeze Wave Vibrating Wood Pleasure Wand is a gorgeous sex toy. It's made of wood, beautifully decorated with patterns and stripes, with a removable vibrator inside that makes the whole lovely object buzz on two AA batteries. You can choose among several intensities and vibrational patterns by pressing a tiny button at the base.

The wood fibers are saturated with  urethane resin and cured under pressure at high temperature, so it feels very smooth and can't splinter or absorb lubricant. Materials are safe with no chance of splinters, chips, or termites.

I think the appearance is exquisite, but I have two problems with the Treeze -- it's really noisy, and it's really big. The noisy part might not bother you, and didn't really bother me, though I had to hum along to keep from getting distracted by the noise. I paired the Treeze with the Hitachi Magic Wand -- and I had to laugh at both the amount of noise and the disharmony between the two.

The "big" part won't bother those of you who like girth. It's not huge by sex toy standards, just too big for my personal preference and comfort, especially at my age. The product description says it's 1.5" wide average, but a couple of its ridges are 1.6"-1.75"-- enough of a difference to matter to me. The tapered tip is nice, but then it gets to 1.6" wide within the first 1.25" of length (which is as far as I could get!) and 1.75" wide about halfway along its 8" length. So for me, although I appreciated its beauty and how sensual the ripply wood felt in my hand, I really need a "Treeze Junior"!

Although the size problem disappointed me, I did enjoy the sensations of the part I was able to use. It's delightfully strong, with a variety of vibrational modes.  It comes in a nice, padded pouch for storage.

Thank you,, for sending me the lovely Treeze Wave to review. Is the manufacturer, Don Wands, considering a petite version? If so, I'm volunteering to review it!

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  1. Interesting product, I like the design of it which is a lot nicer than the usual garish colours sex toys can be produced in.

    Hope they make a mini version as it seems like that could be just much too big!

  2. I can't stop thinking how fun it must be to try out all these cool products. But some of them, like this gorgeous work of art (more sculpture than sex toy?) require curiosity AND courage! Thank you Joan!
    --Rae ("Free Fall: A late-in-life love affair")

  3. Oh yes, Rae, it's great fun to review all these products!

  4. Ooh, it looks so pretty! I want one of those :D

  5. It must be fun - but also I think it's great that you do review them, because we should encourage women over 40 to own these products!


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