Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inviting Your Stories and Questions about Senior Sex

I continue to get emails from blog readers who have their own senior sex stories to share and often ask questions about sexual responsiveness, communication with a partner, sex and grief, how health issues affect sex, desire disparity, dating, and all those other issues that challenge our later-life sexuality. I welcome comments on this blog (see the labels on the right for topics already covered) and your emails when you have more to say or ask.

For the past five years, I would have invited you to answer my questionnaire and submit your concerns for my new book, and I would have matched your concerns with experts who have the answers you seek. But now the book, Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, is finished and we're just waiting for its publication June 2011.

So here's what I'd like to do from here on:

1. Email me your story and your questions.
2. In your email, tell me I have permission to excerpt your email to post on my blog. If I change it much, I'll send it back to you for your approval first.
3. Choose a first name that you'd like your story to appear under (it doesn't have to be your real name), and tell me your real age. 
4. I'll get back to you with a link to your story/questions and the blog post where it appears.

I really can't answer detailed questions via email, but as long as you're willing to share your story to help others, I'm happy to get you the information you seek.

Please be patient, though! I'll acknowledge your email right away, but I might not get to writing the blog post quickly. At the moment, I'm way behind answering your emails, and I doubt I'll ever catch up completely! You're welcome to keep sending me additions and gentle reminders while you wait.

This blog has already won several awards because of its useful content, and I'd like it to be an even better resource, continuing to grow and offer you information and community. I hope you'll return often!

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