Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Intro to Naked at Our Age read by Joan Price

I recorded excerpts from the Introduction to Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex to share with you what it's about and why I wrote it. Listen by clicking the play button of the music player below:

Learn more about Naked at Our Age here!


  1. Joan,

    I'm delighted that you recorded the introduction! It's great to hear your voice.

    The intro is a wonderful combination of your tender synopsis of your own love story and the intriguing mix of topics you will cover in the new book. I can't wait for when it comes out.

    On a personal note, I, too, took a year to grieve my husband's death. I didn't see it as a way of not living my life. I saw it as a way to deeply live that part of my life so that I could move through it to a new phase. Whenever I grieve I have to dive deep and disconnect from work as much as possible until I'm ready to come roaring back. I've never understood people's advise to those in mourning to plunge into their work. I can't think of a more wrong path for me.

  2. I just went to to pre-order your book. It's not listed yet. Can you tell your publisher to list it on Amazon already so that we can pre-order? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous #1: The grief journey does demand all our attention, and I agree with you that it is living deeply. I didn't mean to convey that work is more important than that. But when the advice came gently from Robert (his spirit? my invention of what he would say?), it helped me recapture the joy of my work more than the work ethic. The more I did something that would help others, the better I felt within myself, too.

    I didn't rush my grief to a close -- I'm still there, but functioning in the present, too, or what you wisely call a "new phase."

    Thank you so much for commenting.

    Anonymous #2: Seal will be listing it as soon as it's time to take pre-orders. Meanwhile, email me and I'll make sure you're notified.

    Should I have waited to post this recording?


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