Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Chroma: tiny, elegant, and waterproof

The Little Chroma is an elegant vibrator from Jimmyjane. The shape may make you think it's supposed to be inserted vaginally, but although it can be used that way, it is best used on the clitoris where it can touch, rub, or roll against your sweet spot.

This lovely toy is really small -- 5-1/4" long and just 5/8" in diameter. See how nicely it fits in my tiny hand? If you do want to use it vaginally, the cap has two small holes where you can thread a string to pull it out, just in case you can't get a grip on it later on.

The Little Chroma claims that although it has only one vibrational intensity, it's the only one you need. I don't go along with "one speed fits all" any more than "one size fits all," but it is a very nice intensity, despite being powered by just one AA battery. I'm spoiled by my super-strong vibrators, but this one is stronger than I expected -- maybe a 4 out of 5. The motor is replaceable should it give out after many uses, so although the price is hefty, you'll get a lifetime of pleasure from it.

Here's what I expecially like about my Little Chroma:
  • It's beautiful. It's slim, designed to please the eye and hand as much as the pleasure spots it touches.

  • It's made of aluminum and holds temperature well. So if you like it cold, as I do (is that weird?), or hot, you can warm or cool it first under running water.

  • It's very smooth, feels splendid against tender tissues.

  • If you want to use it in your vagina and you are one of the many women our age who experience vaginal tightness, this can be a lovely way to re-open up an arena of pleasure. 

  • The slim design makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation during partner intercourse -- it won't get in the way.

  • It's small enough to travel with you, even in a purse.

  • It's waterproof!
Although other reviewers have said this toy is silent, I didn't find it so. It's much quieter than most vibrators, yes--just a subdued hum--but it would probably wake up a lightly sleeping partner, if that's your concern.

It's always recommended to remove batteries when a toy isn't in use, to prevent the toy from accidentally turning on and wearing itself out. I don't usually bother to do that, but I certainly have to remove the battery from this one, because the vibrator turns on just by closing the cap. There's no on-off switch -- no controls at all, in fact. Open is off; closed is on. (That's why the cap is partially unscrewed in the photos; otherwise it would be buzzing away.) That's not a bad thing --  the tight seal and lack of seams make it waterproof.

It's also sturdy, despite its delicate look. I was testing it in the shower, and accidentally dropped it. It buzzed away on the floor until I picked it up without missing a beat. Of course I don't recommend dropping it on a hard surface, but I was pleased that I did no damange.

Many thanks to Eden Fantasys for sending me this lovely toy to review.

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  1. I like this review! And it's completely true, I agree with all the points you are making. But to be honest, I think it's quite enough to not wake a partner who sleeps tight. It might wake up a lightly sleeping partner, but that's about it. As Jimmyjane says; the only thing that might be too loud are your own moans :)

    There is one downside; a downside that you've got nothing to do with probably. I live in Europe, and there is no reseller who sells the motors for Little Chroma/Little Something. The only place I know where to get them is Jimmyjane itself. And the only possibility to pay is with a credit-card, which aren't as common in Europe as in America. I am fortunate to have one, but many (female) friends don't have one. And Paypal complains about a not-verified address (?), while it certainly is verified.


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