Friday, May 28, 2010

Columbia Univ's News21 interviews seniors re sex NYC

I was interviewed by Columbia University's News21 reporter Aaron James about sex and aging. I was impressed by Aaron's refreshingly open attitude towards senior sex. He is seeking seniors in New York City who are willing to be interviewed on camera,and I told him I'd help him pass the word. Here's his request:

My name is Aaron James and I am a reporter for News21, a journalism project based out of Columbia University in New York City. This summer, we are reporting on the "Aging of America." As part of this project we are talking about seniors and sexuality.

We are looking for individuals or couples in the New York area to sit down and talk about their experiences as seniors with sex, love and intimacy. The ideal candidates will be willing to discuss in an open and frank manner their experiences and insights. We aren't so much interested in the graphic details, but more the importance (or not) of sexuality on the health and well being of seniors, spiritually, emotionally and physically. These interviews may be recorded on video and audio.

News21's end product will be a website dedicated to aging and aging issues. You can see last year's website, which dealt with charter schools, at:

Please email Aaron directly if you're interested.

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  1. Hi Joan: I've emailed Aaron, happy to be interviewed by him. Maybe my new-ish husband will join me. I haven't asked him yet.

    You're once again being a go-between for so many worthwhile projects -- remember my turn as the cover girl on ELDR Magazine's issue!


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