Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fairy Wands make turbo magic!

Picture a fairy wand vibrator in pink and white. What would you expect from it? A whisper-light touch like gossamer wings? Barely the tickle of an eyelash?

You would be so wrong! Whoever named the Fairy Wand vibrators had a sense of humor, because these are turbo vibrators, monster strong, noisy, and strong (did I say that already?). My thanks to Eden Fantasys for the opportunity to review these fabulous products.

I tested two -- the Fairy Mini-Wand and the Pocket Fairy. Both are amazing and far stronger than their cute names and colors would suggest.

 Fairy Mini-Wand:

The Mini isn't all that miniature, and it's maxi in intensity. I swear the vibrations were stronger than the Hitachi, and it's smaller and lighter, easier to hold. I do prefer the softer ball of the Hitachi head -- the Fairy Mini is a harder surface. Like the Hitachi, it has to be plugged in. (That's a good thing -- the plug-in types are usually much stronger than those with batteries.) The vibrations dial from medium to high to OhMyGod. Though you know I like strong intensity, I didn't have to dial this one all the way up. Yeah, that surprised me, too!

The head is smaller than the Hitachi -- 1-3/4" diameter instead of 2-1/2" so for more power you have a smaller surface, making it easier to use an insertable vibrator (or a non-vibrating dildo or dilator) at the same time, if that's what you like. The two won't have to battle over real estate or clack against each other.

The Mini comes with a pink storage bag.

This little dear will go traveling with me. It's tiny -- 5-3/4" long, just 1 inch in diameter -- light (just 5.5 oz!), quiet, and strong. I could hardly believe the vibrations coming out of what looks like a doll's vibrator! It's rechargeable, so once you have it charged, no need to fuss with a cord. It's small enough to fit in a purse, should you need to be prepared for pleasure at all times.

It comes with a little bracelet so you don't lose your grip when it tries to get away from you or becomes slick and hard to hold onto from lube . 

If you're trying to choose between these two, and you don't need to carry your pleasure object in your pocket, choose the Mini. The Pocket, while handy and intense, has such a tiny head that the vibrations feel sharply focused on a pinpoint spot, which takes a little more getting used to.  

How did I go so long without knowing about the Fairy Wands? Wow. Again, my thanks to EdenFantasys.

Pocket fairy - Massagers - EdenFantasys


  1. I love the 'little bracelet' concept. very much like a Wii wrist-strap, so it stays within reach.


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