Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Rock Chick doesn't... at least for me

[10/18/12 update: I learned that the Rock Chick has been discontinued (good idea!), but i thought you'd get a kick out of this review anyway, so I didn't remove it. Enjoy!]

The Rock Chick sounded like a great idea -- a flexible dual-action vibrator, one end inserting for vaginal stimulation, the other, nubby end resting on the clitoris. A "bullet" vibe keeps everything moving. I was excited when Babeland offered me one for review.

And then I tried to use it.

I must be shaped and sized very strangely, because if the vaginal stimulator end was inserted, the other end was nowhere near my clitoris. Not even close.  Although it's somewhat flexible -- the ends can come closer or farther apart, like a pair of tongs -- if I forced the outie to rest where I wanted it, the innie went too deep and jabbed me painfully.

I tried several positions, trying to follow the instructions to "rock" back and forth between clitoral and vaginal stimulation, but it either missed or hurt.

Being inventive, I figured out that the innie half was actually a very good, lively g-spotter if I used the outie half as a handle only. It was a comfortable handle, in fact, even for my typing wrist. I called a different clitoral stimulator up for duty: my Hitachi Magic Wand. The combination was marvelous. But isn't that a waste of a supposed dual action vibrator, to just use half of it?

Other reviewers have different experiences, and I don't want you to assume that yours would be the same as mine, and Babeland generously displays them all, positive and negative. I love that about Babeland -- they want the customer to know as much as possible, even if the reviews turn you away.
Sorry, Babeland, as much as I appreciate the opportunity to try it, the Rock Chick just doesn't rock for me.

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