Saturday, March 20, 2010

Enchanted by Petite Couture Enchanted

I love my Petite Couture Enchanted. It's a vibrator dildo (I hate that word, but that's what it is) with a smile inducing shape and texture. It's waterproof, bumpy for increased sensation, and curved with a bubbly bloop on the end for easy insertion and angling.

I liked handling it even before its designated use: The medical grade Japanese silicone is silky smooth to the touch. It feels firm unless you squeeze it, revealing that it's delightfully squishy and even bendable.

The shape is great for arthritic wrists because once inserted, it settles into your contours and you just have to touch it to keep it in place, no need for any wrist contortions. If you prefer, you can use it externally, bending it to rest atop your vulvar curve. It has several intensity gradations and styles of vibration, including escalating and pulsating. The more intense settings are quiet yet strong -- not strong enough for over-the-top clitoral stimulation, perhaps, but for arousal and penetration, just dandy.

I like that the Petite Couture Enchanted is "petite": 1-1/4 inches in diameter, 4-3/4 inches insertable length, and it doesn't feel hard. We older women who need to adjust our toys to our more fragile and sometimes snugger insides will welcome the smaller size and squishiness.

The controls are easy: one controls on-off, and the other chooses your flight pattern, and they're simple to reach and use. I've been frustrated by a few sex toys recently that you can't turn off without cycling down through several vibrational patterns, so I appreciate the easy controls.

For maximum pleasure, you'll likely want to use another clitoral stimulator at the same time you use this toy for penetration. Be sure to avoid silicone lubricants with a silicone toy.

Thank you,, for providing the Petite Couture Enchanted, a delightful toy. It immediately became one of my favorites!

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  1. My wife got a gigantic vibrator about a year ago. This is when the troubles started. I think for me it was a prelude to her loosening her sexual inhibitions. Well now she's cheated on me with 4 guys that I know of, and in all probability countless others. Do you think that vibrators are a signal of loosening sexual inhibitions? I'd really like your take on this.

  2. "Fool of all Fools" -- no, absolutely not. Vibrators are a tool for sexual pleasure. They "loosen sexual inhibitions" only by helping women get in touch with what it takes to have orgasms. They have nothing whatsoever to do with cheating.

    I've read your blog and you sound depressed and angry, which of course is understandable given your wife's cheating. I hope you'll get counseling -- not to save the marriage, it doesn't look like that's possible from your blog -- but to understand how to get out of this destructive marriage and move on in your life.

    I'm sorry this has happened to you. It cannot be blamed on vibrators, though.

    - Joan


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