Monday, January 11, 2010

Impulse 5 Hypersonic Wand review

I really enjoyed the Impulse 5 Hypersonic Wand.

At first glance, it looks flimsier than many of the toys I've reviewed, but it's not, it's just a different design for a different purpose. The long "neck" ends in an oblong, vibrating bulb, angled for easy G-spot discovery. The vibrational intensity is strong, the angle is right, and it's easy to use it vaginally while using another toy for clitoral stimulation, without the two knocking boots too often.

Size queens who favor big, phallic dildos might not enjoy this slim toy, but if you like a feeling inside that's more like a crooked finger (a big, vibrating one that doesn't get tired!) than a penis, this will delight you.

If you wish, you can cover the bulb with a squishy sleeve studded with little feelers. I love the idea, and it makes me laugh when all the feelers go crazy in my hand, but I admit that I couldn't tell much difference internally when the sleeve was on or not. I did worry that the sleeve could slide off the vibrator inside me and make retrieval problematic, but it didn't happen and maybe it wouldn't.

The controls look like they could operate a small airplane. The on/off button "F" controls five vibrational patterns (e.g. whirring or pulsing), and the arrows take the intensity from one to 10 in the steady pattern and show the surges of the other patterns in a light show. The only problem I had was not figuring out how to turn it off. No, "off" doesn't work by itself. You have to punch the "on-off" button to the steady vibrational pattern, and then cycle down the "down" arrow until it stops.

The Impulse 5 Hypersonic Wand is in the eggs and bullets category. Get the Impulse 5 Hypersonic Wand and other vibrators from, who sent me this sex toy for review -- thank you,!

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