Saturday, December 05, 2009

Smartballs review, part II

This is Part II of my review of The Uno Smartballs Teneo Kegel Sex Toys from Fun Factory that Good Vibrations sent me.Read Part I here first.

I tried the Uno Smartball again last Thursday, making sure I was plenty relaxed and aroused before trying to insert it. It still hurt a lot, but I concentrated on relaxing instead of forcing, and it was easier than the first time.

Once in, the Smartball was comfortable, so I decided to take it for an outing. I drove into town and wore it through my Pilates class. I didn't even notice it, except when I intentionally added Kegels to my abdominal work, then it became something to grab onto, so to speak, while Kegeling.

Next I was meeting a guy pal for a walk and a restaurant dinner, so I wore it through the evening. I kept thinking I was supposed to feel the marble moving around inside the ball, or at least the ball moving in me, but I guess the Smartball fit so snugly that it didn't wobble and I didn't feel any motion. The only sensation I felt was irritation from the loop (sort of like a tampon string, but plastic/rubbery). The most entertaining part, actually, was trying to decide whether to reveal my secret to my walking and dining companion. (I didn't, and I assume he'll be surprised when he reads it here.)

Extracting the Smartball at the end of the evening was again uncomfortable to the point of pain, capping my decision that the experiment was over.

So what was the point? Did it remind me to do my Kegels? I guess so, but it wasn't pleasant enough to use again, and I certainly have no desire to try the Duo and submit myself to double the entry discomfort. I think these balls would be more effective if they were smaller and/or tapered -- a narrower nub facilitating entry --instead of abruptly round.

There are other Kegel exercisers, and I'll report on some of them later on. The Smartballs don't get my vote, sorry.

For a totally different take on these balls, read this amusing, barely English review here. Here's an excerpt:
He is deal for women with a reduction in the matrix or a matrix doubled backwards that wants, to make vibrate the musculatura of pelvis...Smartballs trains the vaginal musculatura and of pelvis and tries more pleasure in sex. Advised by matrons!

Uh, yeah....

12/15 update: For contrast, please read Essin' Em's very positive review . One of the many values of these Internet sex toy reviews from real users willing to be candid is that readers can compare reviews. Older readers may identify with me; younger "Kegel athletes" will identify with Essin' Em. Many thanks to Good Vibrations for welcoming responses from a variety of reviewers.


  1. Joan, your candor is marvelous -- what a service you offer your readers! Now I never have to try these things. Love, Sally

  2. Awesome, I never thought there is someone who write this blog! Amazing. I'll keep reading.


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