Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Doc Johnson Remote Control Vibrating Egg review

Doc Johnson Remote Control Vibrating Egg, from TabuToys adult toys is a "bullet" syle vibrator that hums and jitters away internally, controlled by a wireless remote control. It has seven vibrational modes, from subtle to medium strong, and from steady to intermittent. A protruding loop helps you remove it afterwards.

Solo, Doc Johnson Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a great solution for the woman coping with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other challenges that make wrist action with a vibrator problematic. With this vibrator, you insert the Egg, then hold the remote wherever it's comfortable, no wrist twisting or tweaking required. You don't even have to hold it at all once you've punched in your vibration level.(See? Isn't it useful to read a sex-toy reviewer who's 66 years old?)

If you are partnered, it could be fun to give the remote to your partner and let him/her control your vibrations in bed, out to dinner, during a visit from the grandkids, at the gym.... I'd love to hear how you use it. This would make a fine holiday gift, don't you think?

I was a little worried about this egg vibrator after my size difficulties with the Teneo SmartBall, but I was delighted to discover that the smooth silicone and the smart design of the Egg gave me no insertion problem whatsoever. The Egg is more oval than round and tapers into a smaller size (rather like an egg) at the inserting end. The other end is larger so it won't pop out with your voluntary or involuntary contractions. Nice design job, Doc Johnson.

The vibrations are pleasant and stimulating, strong but not super strong. You'll likely want to couple it with a clitoral vibrator. Thanks to the remote, you can pair the Egg with a large-head clitoral vibrator (e.g. the Hitachi Magic Wand, Miracle Massager, or Natural Contours Ideal) without your toys clunking and battling for real estate.

(FYI, if you have a cat, hide this toy. Between the rolling shape and the claw enticing loop, my cat was sure it was an early holiday gift for him. Fortunately, I rescued it in time.)

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  1. That would be so interesting to try. I might be tempted to wear it to work! Awesome idea to give the control to your partner to activate as the mood strikes!



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