Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Put your toys away (for grownups)

Thank you, Tunti Toy Store for sending me a Tunti Illuminating Boudoir Toybox! Why do we grownups need a toybox in the boudoir? To store our toys in, of course.

I've seen other cases for sex toys, but this one is unique because it lights up when you open it, so that you can choose your pleasure in the dark. The case is well cushioned, with removable dividers to accommodate different size toys, and a large, mesh pocket in the top section for oversized toys (e.g. the Magic Wand).

Although the case itself doesn't seem large -- 12"×10"x5" -- look how much fits inside! And yes, it still closes.

There's a plexiglass cover for the lower section which I didn't photograph so that you could see the toys more easily, and plenty of nooks and crannies for anything you could want to keep handy. A clever and useful toybox!

(For reviews of the toys you see here and more, click here.)

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