Thursday, October 15, 2009

Over 50 and victim of dating cyberpath?

Needed for my new book, Naked at Our Age:

Have you, as a senior, been a victim -- or narrowly avoided being a victim -- of a cyberpath when you were seeking love or sex (or both!) online?

Cyberpath: a psychopath who finds victims online and stalks and exploits them either online or in person.

Would you be willing to tell your story (cloaking your identity, of course) to help my blog and book readers avoid what you went through?

Also needed: Experts who can help seniors avoid becoming a victim of these predators and/or deal with the aftermath. I'd also like to hear from a spokesperson in law enforcement about what to do if an online relationship is escalating in a scary way. Please email me if you have a story or helpful tips to share.

Information will be shared on this blog and in more detail in my upcoming book, Naked at Our Age.

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