Monday, October 24, 2011

Older women wear lingerie

11/10/2011 update: I did a second lingerie shoot, as I was about to turn 68. See it here.

10/23/2011 update: My goodness, two years after I originally wrote this post on 10/11/09, it continues to be the most often read! Hmmm. Ruth and I are actually planning an update -- a new photo shoot this week, results to be posted as soon as they're ready. My reasons are maybe the opposite of what you might think: No, I'm not fixing to show off a youthful body. Rather, I've aged a lot in the past two years, have stopped coloring my hair, and want to celebrate my authentic self by re-doing this photo shoot. Yes, I'm nervous. Of course I am. But if I keep insisting that we should stand up for what's real at this age and celebrate our aging process, then I have to walk (or pose) my talk . 

"I'm photographing real women in lingerie," Ruth Lefkowitz of Ruthy's Real Meals told me. "Would you be willing to model?"

Wow. A "real woman" I am, all 65 years of me, and I do love lingerie, but I've only worn it for intimate hours, not a photography session.

I'm not shy, I just don't think my 65-year-old body looks as good as it used to. But whose does? And if you can't do something new and outrageous as an older person, when can you do it? "Sure, Ruth!" I said. "And if I love the experience, I'll blog about it."

I loved the experience.

The wonderful people at HerRoom were happy to provide some lovely garments and were enthusiastic about a woman my age modeling them.

We met in a garage converted (roughly) into a photography studio. Ruth made me feel comfortable with her relaxed, matter-of-fact approach to posing me and complimenting me. We had many giggles, too.
Ruth was exuberant about what she called my "curves," and when I expressed alarm that the sags, folds, and puckers would come to light, she reassured me that she was there to capture the beauty in real women.

By golly, I think she did it.
Photos by Ruth Lefkowitz. If you live in or near Santa Rosa, CA, and would like to be photographed by Ruth, please email me and I'll put you in touch.

HerRoom 125 x125HerRoom-Huge Clearance Sale

Lingerie provided by HerRoom Lingerie We Buy For Ourselves


  1. What relief to know I can have a body like that when I get older!

  2. You look awesome, good for you!

  3. Just lovely! Turned out BEAUTIFUL! (GREAT IDEA, RUTH)! Thank you for sharing with me.

    And, It's really nice to know that 'THIS' site is now available too. I will be certain to take a look around and I'm sure that this will help to 'enhance' my own education about some topics that perhaps I'm NOT YET aware of.

    I am more than happy to spread the word about BOTH OF YOU, as I work very closely and mainly with women in their sixties and coming toward this lovely process.

    I look so very forward to "MY OWN" metamorphosis into my sixties!

    Love & Light,

    Karen-Windsor, CA.

  4. I have to say Joan you've done it again. Reaffirmed that women of any age can be amazingly sexual and comfortable with it at any age. Thanks for inspiring us all.

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Joan. It was a pleasure working with you. I'm enjoying the results of our session, and the comments, too!

  6. Joan, you are a very beautiful lady and I would love to see more pictures of that awesome body, you have very nice curves I hope you post more photos of you in future, thanks Don

  7. Hey Joan! You look fabulous! Just coming into the whole M word from this end and getting more and more gloomy about the prognosis as far as the media are concerned, so seeing a sixty something showing that it's possible to remain glamorous and sexy is really inspirational x

  8. Have your cake and eat it too...Joanna
    Cake. A very interesting site. Thank you. This is a keeper!


  9. You look lovely! I just featured a GILF on my website yesterday! And psst, check my website today - I write about dating a 92 yr old. Tomorrow I share the rest of the story.

  10. Great natural look. Beautiful.

  11. I am amazed at the self-confidence of ladies I've dated who are in their 60s and are confident being photographed in the nude - and being photographed while making love, giving oral pleasures, or in the throws of orgasm (tripod with a remote release best)

    Proud, and unashamed of being unashamed.

  12. Joan, I wish more women in their 60's would looks and feel the way you do!!!

    Another Robert

  13. Sweetheart, you're quite beautiFULL, soft, wonderfull2behold, adorable, and magnificent. Don't think we can make love here, but in Heaven? Where I can and will have every desire for the length of eternity? Mama mia --- Lemmee propose to you an opportunity which is completely beyond anything this world has to offer. Not here, not now, of course, but would you allow SEVEN things in Heaven just between us? Feeding you delicious baklava and God‘s ice cream? Giving you a looong, sensuous backrub? Brushing your beautifull hair? Kissing your adorable feet which brot you to the Great Beyond? Holding your hands, staring into your eyes, and being one with you? I’d love that and I think you would, too. Think about that, girl, and get back with me Upstairs. God bless.

  14. If an older shapely adorable enjoys lingerie, then that's good for her and her partner.

    However, I prefer the standard flannel nightie, catalog housecoat, or convent school issue that betrays licentiousness, a fine figure, and dewy nether parts.

    A knowing smile and calculated erogenous zones are superior to Victoria's Secrets any day.

  15. Paul BarbourFebruary 22, 2011

    You look just amazing Joan. It goes to show you that you look way better than those younger ladies.

  16. Joan, you look gorgeous! I just saw these and love these photos -- and the message you're sending us older dames -- and men, old and young.

  17. AnonymousJuly 02, 2011

    Hi Joan you look fabulous! Proof enough that you can still be sexy in your sixties! Keep going for it!

  18. Ruth, you look lovely! A thirtysomething bloke like myself would be proud to have a lady like you on his arm. Keep up the great work! ~ Gavin

  19. ^oops - Joan, my apologies ~ the ever badly typing Gavin

  20. I'm truly amazed that this post has stayed so popular! It's the only time I've ever done this, and I can't suppress a giggle when I see it listed at the top of the most popular posts in my five years of blogging. Thanks, everybody!

    Your comments have been flattering, respectful, and welcome. Occasionally, though, a younger man invites me to exchange naked pictures with him -- may I just say, "No!" right here and not get those invites any more?

    I just deleted a comment from an "adult entertainment" modeling agency trolling for customers -- sorry, that's not what my blog is for.

    Sometimes I don't delete an inappropriate comment because I think you'd find it entertaining -- you know which one I'm talking about here!

    Thank you, readers, for enjoying my blog and sharing your comments with me and all of us. I do appreciate it!

  21. Hello,
    Pretty photos. Congratulations for your blog. :) I liked.

  22. You look absolutely gorgeous! Kudos to your photographer for capturing elegance in those photos.

  23. The sexiest part is not necessarily the lingerie, but the smile and the attitude.

  24. You look Damn Good, any age.

    I'm 63 and hope at 65 to look like you!


    Lady Nyo (Jane Kohut-Bartels)

    (kimono covers a lot of sins....)

  25. Go girl - you inspire me and I can't wait to see the real Joan!!! I love coming here and send virtual applause.

  26. Amazing! This has again proved that getting older doesn't mean losing your desire for sex or your need for affection and intimacy.

  27. Great pics,you are still sexy at your age.

  28. So beautiful and alluring.
    I love mature women.

  29. A male dating at 59, I'd stop older women at the grocery store and complement them for the beauty of a going full on grey. Looking for an age appropriate woman at the time (found/married one) grey hair said to me as a man: "I love my body!" Now that is sexy. Thanks to all the women now saying No to hair color. Nice.
    -Dan, Scotts Valley, CA

  30. Well tuned Stradivaris ...

  31. Whoa! Super hot! I just pre-paid for my copy of your book. Thanks!

  32. Wow, it is the result of taking care of yourself and enjoying what you do. Congratulations!

  33. You look absolutely marvelous I must say. :)

  34. I like your photos and lingerie!

  35. Miley Cyrus couldn't hold a itty bitty candle to you in lingerie, Joan. She doesn't have the wisdom heart experience to go with the curves. You got both. All the guys in their 60s thank you for posing here! The no posing poser!


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