Thursday, September 24, 2009

Delight sex toy review

I wonder if the designers had senior sex enthusiasts in mind when they created the Delight, a classy, modern vibrator that won't stress your wrist no matter how long you hold onto it, with controls that light up so you can see them easily without your reading glasses. What a concept!

The toy has several intensity settings and vibrates magnificently vaginally, and pretty well clitorally. I found the vibrations stronger internally and the shape just right for G-spotting, but I found it a little tricky aiming the Delight's clitoral nub just right. Your mileage will vary, of course, as with all sex toys.

You'll see from the photos that the shape has a curl just right for holding comfortably, and the thumb rests with easy access to the controls. Unlike a couple of other sex toys where it's easy to press the controls by mistake just by trying to hold onto the lube-slippery toy (and it's a jolt when you accidentally turn the thing off at the absolute wrong moment!), you won't have that problem with the Delight.

The Delight is easy to clean and recharges in its handy little storage case, nicely thought out.

As senior-friendly as this vibrator is, I laughed aloud trying to read the instruction manual, though. The type size is so miniscule that even with reading glasses in bright sunlight, I could barely make out the words. If you have young eyes and discover that there's something important in the manual, would you let us all know?

Thank you,, online shop for adult toys, for sending me the delightful Delight!

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