Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seniors like oral sex... this is a surprise?

Oh, dear. I'm reading reviews of Play the Game, which I reviewed here. I didn't like the movie, but it certainly isn't shocking, amazing, or icky that it portrays elders having sex, wanting to have sex, and enjoying the experience. Yet in the reviews that are popping up in blogs and mainstream media now, the reviewers (guess their ages!) can't believe they're watching Andy Griffith receive oral sex, for example. At what age do they want their genitals to go forever off limits, I wonder.

Even more shocking, says a press release from both Play the Game and, is a recent survey conducted by of 3,500 people age 50+, which revealed that "Among those in relationships, 55% of seniors over 70 have oral sex at least once in a while."

Well, sure! The number is probably low because of bad backs, necks, and knees that require creative solutions for minimizing discomfort, especially for the extended lovemaking that we enjoy. Or maybe many of the other 45% weren't telling the truth.

The release continued,

A surprising 35% of surveyed seniors age 70+ reported they have oral sex "often" or "very often." Even more shockingly, the survey found that 71% of the over-50 crowd still masturbate, either by themselves or with a partner.

Do I laugh or cry? What's "surprising" or "shocking" about that survey, except that the numbers aren't higher?

But I get it. The release is designed to pull attention to the movie and the survey, and it's accomplishing both by playing on the "ick factor," as I call it. A clever promotion -- though I don't like it.

Can't we just stop being cagey, shocked, or giggly and just talk about senior sex in a candid and respectful way?

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  1. I am now in my fifties, but I have had plenty of granny sex. I prefer contemporary women or younger, but for casual or convenient relations I enjoy the maturity, safety and honesty of older women.

    In my anecdotal experience, older women raised before the sexual revolution have less probability of performing or enjoy doing oral sex. Now, some older women definitely do like to do it. But they are in the minority.

    A lot have repressed feelings. Many are diffident about technique. Some older women are repulsed by it. Some have had gauche or abusive husbands that forced oral on them.

    A few of my granny friends had straight husbands not interested, so they were eager to try it out. A couple were embarrassed by oral-genital contact, but paradoxically derived a great deal of satisfaction from anal intercourse.

    In oral, like all sex, in addition to the sensuality there is a power exchange involved. Who is in power during the act of fellatio I don't know. (Scant women, uptight and upright, disdain cunnilingus.)

    Older women who apprehend the full physical and psychological pleasure of oral will enjoy it, and do it. And "enjoy," is probably the key word. Because if there is no enjoyment, it's not going to be good for either party.

    Some grannies are as oral and tactile as a dead fish. Others love to please, and would rather perform oral than receive pleasure.

    Women in general, and grannies are like snowflakes - all are constructed and wired different. Psychologist Dr. Toni Grant used to say, "You don't have to sleep with someone to know what they are like in bed." And I thought in the main that was true.

    But it has been my experience that some church going, salt of the earth, conservative, socially moral grannies turned out to be ravenous, don't-spill-a-drop nymphos.

    Now these are a rare species. And I'd like to think that their comfort and lack of inhibition owes to me being a semi-nice guy with insight and caring.

    Having said that, I have been aghast when hearing the stories of several wonderful older women who have been physically and verbally abused earlier in life. Domestic violence is very real, and I was naive to it.

    Women are the superior sex. They are more loving and compassionate. If you give a woman attention and love, she will give you back a lot more in return. That's their nature.

    Love begets love, and sometimes one gets lucky and the sex is really good. Even with grannies.


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