Friday, August 07, 2009

Let's Twist Again: G-Twist Review

"Have a good weekend," my UPS man said as he handed me a package. When I saw that it came from Good Vibrations, I replied, "Oh, I will!"

I ripped open the packaging and greeted the G-Twist, a 6" long, 1-1/2" thick, blue, ridged and curvy penis staring back at me. (OK, I was the only one staring.) Made of flexible, squeezable, medical-grade silicone, this battery-operated vibrator can be an innie and an outie, even at the same time if you bend it to fit.

First, let's get the most difficult part out of the way: opening the battery case. No, you don't need a screwdriver, although some reviewers on the Good Vibes website thought so -- in fact, keep sharp, metal objects far away from your sex toys and their destinations. Just squeeze the two, thumbprint-sized indentations in the light grey area hard until you hear them click and the top pops up. I wasn't sure which way the batteries should face, but I must have guessed right because as soon as I replaced the cap, it started buzzing. The daisy shape on the cap is a dial for adjusting the vibrations, from off to mild to fairly strong.

I generally prefer the vibrational strength of a plug-in or chargeable product, but the G-Twist is pretty strong for a battery operated vibrator. It's unusually quiet, so you can use it more discretely than most of my recommended strong and noisy toys if you have company in the guest room. It bends easily so that you can make it press against any inner or outer spot you like. So many penis-shaped vibrators (dildos) are shaped more for visual fantasy than function, but not this one -- it's definitely shaped for women's arousal.

Tip for post-menopausal women: If you wear an estrogen ring (Estring), you might want to remove it before inserting the G-Twist vaginally, because the vibrating pressure on the ring can become uncomfortable.

Thank you, Good Vibrations, for choosing me as your Brand Ambassador! I'm happy to spread the word that the pleasures of sex toys are not just for the young. Good Vibrations has always recognized this, keeping my book prominently on display in their stores and bringing me in to give workshops and even a staff training. "We love you here!" a staff member told me. Back at'cha, Good Vibes!

Good VibrationsGood Vibrations G-Twist Vibrator

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