Sunday, March 04, 2012

Senior Sex and Exercise: New Year's Resolutions?

If your New Year's Resolutions include "get in shape" and "enjoy my sexuality," you can have it all -- a strong body, great sex life, and the surprising joys of midlife and later.

You know me here as a senior sexuality author and speaker, but I've also had a long career as a fitness professional and author of several books about health and fitness. My most useful exercise book --The Anytime, Anytime Exercise Book: 300+ quick and easy exercises you can do whenever you want! -- has helped thousands reach their goals with easy, instant exercises that fit into their daily life whereever they are, whatever else they're doing.

If you purchase The Anytime, Anytime Exercise Book  directly from my website, I'll autograph the book to you (or your gift recipient) personally. Just tell me how you'd like the book autographed in the comments box, and it will be on its way to you within two days.

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