Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do orgasms feel the same as when we were younger?

Kat, age 51, has this question for all of you:

Do orgasms feel the same at 75 as they did at 55? Is the pleasure still there? Are the orgasms as intense? If not, do you miss them, or did they taper off so slowly that it seems OK?

Personally, at almost 64, my orgasms take much longer to arrive than they did before menopause, but I can still count on them, with the right stimulation. No, they don't feel quite the same -- they don't build with the same intensity, but when the waves crash, they crash splendidly. And the afterglow is just as satisfying as ever!

Hmmm, do I miss the way they used to feel? The change was gradual, and I'm grateful that I feel as much as I do! It's not the orgasm itself that's really different as much as the journey getting there, which often feels more like an emotional trip to bliss than strictly physiological.

I'd love to hear from both women and men on this topic, especially (but not only) those of you 75 and up.


  1. When I was younger, orgasms varied a lot. Some were spectacular, some ok, and some just fizzled out frustratingly at the last moment. Now they take longer to reach, but every one is very intense.
    For me the change was not gradual. After my pregnancy sex became impossible because the drop in estrogen left the tissue easy to tear. After an 10 year struggle and a surgery I finally regained my sex life, and it is awesome! Maybe it's 8 years of deprivation, but once I get there my orgasms are very strong. Pat, 52

  2. My lover and I had this discussion recently. She noted to me that her orgasms are more sensually oriented now than when she was younger. She's 62. They are not as confined to her is more full-bodied now. I'm 33 and am a survivor of testicular cancer. My cycle of response is a bit slower now than in the past and muscles do not contract with the same force but the high and sense of well-being is certainly as satisfying as before.


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