Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Seeking Interviews for Joan Price’s New Book

3/3/09 update of 8/6/07 post: As you know if you've been following this blog, I put this book (and everything else) on hold while dealing with Robert's illness and death. I have wonderful personal stories from many generous elders and Boomers willing to share their experiences and attitudes, as well as many helpful tips from experts who want to help me spread solid information. I'm gearing up to return to my work -- it's my mission and it was important to Robert as well. Thank you for your patience and compassion, and I invite more of you to get involved.

Wanted: Women and men over 50, single or partnered, straight or gay, willing to write candidly about your personal experiences and attitudes regarding sex and aging for my new book. I’m seeking your written comments and stories about the trials and challenges as well as the joys of sexuality after 50.

This will be a follow-up to Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty and will include stories from singles and couples, women and men, along with strategies for improving those situations that challenge us as we age. It will be more solution-oriented than Better Than I Ever Expected, dealing with the health and relationship problems in greater depth, with more expert tips. While Better was geared towards women (and those who love them!), this book will represent men and women equally.

Would you or any of your age 50+ friends like to be a part of this book? You will be identified by a first name of your choice and your age. Your true identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Interested? Please contact Joan Price now and I'll email you the questionnaire.

Update: I especially need people over 50 who have personal experiences to share in these areas:

  • single seniors (men, women, gay, straight) actively dating and/or having sex or choosing not to date or have sex
  • gay men, both single and in committed relationships
  • couples who have sought counseling to overcome sex/relationship difficulties
  • your story about ED/ illness/ pain interfering with sexual enjoyment and how you resolved it, if you did, and how you feel/felt about it.
  • physicians with special interest/expertise in senior sex
  • sexuality after major health challenge, such as heart surgery, cancer treatment
  • sexually active seniors living in countries other than the United States

I'd also like to receive questions that you hope this book will address, even if you don't wish to participate yourself.

Thank you!

Joan Price
Join us -- we're talking about ageless sexuality at http://www.betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.com/

[Photo by Constance Cavallas, published with permission]


  1. I am in my 70s, have been on my own & datng for 4 years. During that time, I've had the best experiences in sex & relationships ever. I have met & become friends with many interesting people. I found that many young men seek older women & I've had some enlightening encounters. I've also had some hilarious adventures. I would like so much to abolish the myth that sex ceases as we get older..for it can become just better & better. If I could help in any way I would do gladly. Thanks,

  2. Yes, Bettina, I'd love to get your stories. Could you email me so I know how to get in touch with you?


  3. gratitude, age 55October 13, 2007

    I'm really happy to read here that younger men would consider a 70 something older woman appealing. I was wondering if there was some general cutoff age for that. I know younger men like "older women" who are in their 40's, and 50's, but I wondered whether, when I got into my 60's, 70's and 80's, that cool sexy older woman thing would still be true.

    I would agree with the first comment, that sex and dating (I'm married actually but also sometimes have lovers besides my husband.) are better since I've gotten older. My -- um -- sexual responses are better and usually easier than when I was 20 and 30 something. (My doctor told me this is unusual, but I wonder.) Also I like myself better now and am more comfortable in my body.


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