Thursday, April 12, 2007

How Old Are They Now?

Sophia Loren — 73 years old this year, and still radiant and sexy. (I don't know how old she was in this photo, but the last I saw her on a TV talk show, she looked fabulous.)

Thank you, Frank Kaiser of Suddenly Senior, for compiling this list of silver screen women who "found their way into our testosterone-laden high school hearts" at the drive-in and their approximate ages in 2007:

Annette Funicello — 65
Julie Christie — 66
Ann-Margret — 66
Elke Sommer — 67
Jill St John — 67
Stella Stevens — 70
Ursula Andress — 71
Julie Andrews — 72
Brigette Bardot — 73
Barbara Eden — 73
Debra Paget — 74
Joan Collins — 74
Julie Newmar — 74
Kim Novak — 74
Debbie Reynolds — 75
Liz Taylor — 75
Mamie Van Doren — 76
Angie Dickenson — 76
Leslie Caron — 76
Carroll Baker — 76
Rita Moreno — 76
Jean Simmons — 78
Jane Powell — 78
Shirley Temple — 79
Gina Lollobrigida — 80
Patti Page — 80
Esther Williams — 82
Doris Day — 83
Kathryn Grayson — 85
Gale Storm — 85
Kay Starr — 83
Jane Russell — 84
Lena Horne — 88

Marilyn Monroe would have been 81 this June 1st.

Women, what male stars do you remember idolizing and/or fantacizing about in your youth? If you know how old they are now, do tell!

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  1. When I was in sixth grade I had a huge crush on Paul McCartney, who is now -- just like in the song from the St. Pepper's album -- 64!

    Here are my current favorite Hollywood hotties: Billy Bob Thornton, Sam Shepherd, Sam Waterston, Harrison Ford. You can have Brad Pitt, I think these older guys are much sexier! I don't know how old they are, but they're at least 40 something.

  2. gratitudeJune 22, 2007

    I forgot to add Morgan Freeman to my list of the men I think are the most sexy in Hollywood. I'm pretty sure I was watching him in a movie the day I decided that dating an older man might be really hot.

    Since Elizabeth Taylor is in my opinion the most beautiful human ever to live on Planet Earth, I must point this out: doesn't she like to be called "Elizabeth" and doesn't she really dislike being called "Liz?" It's a mistake I still catch myself making.

    Here are some of my personal favorite lady celebs who grew into splendid older women and who aren't listed in this great collection of feminine inspiration:

    Joanne Woodward
    Angela Lansbury
    Myrna Loy
    Katherine Hepburn

    Myrna and Katherine are dead now, but hey! They rocked when they were alive. I don't know how old Joanne or Angela are.

    Goldie Hawn is 60 and she's cute as ever. Girl, it sure would be so wonderful to go see a movie STARRING Goldie Hawn, or Jessica Lange, or some of the other wonderful women in Hollywood over 50 or 60, many of whom are listed above . . . anyone listening? (There are 40 million potential viewers for a film like this! And for heaven's sake let their sexiness show!!!)


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