Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Vibes: "the book that we’ve been waiting for"

Good Vibrations has posted a terrific review of Better Than I Ever Expected:

The best sex of your life is yet to be- if Joan Price has her way! She offers upbeat, comprehensive, explicit advice for [post]menopausal women about body image, changing physiology, cultural expectations, relationships, partner sex, masturbation, and sex toys. Acknowledging in a chapter heading that “It Ain’t Easy After Menopause,” she addresses the complications of hot flashes, HRT, and painful intercourse on the way to becoming a sexually seasoned woman. By including her own and other women’s personal perspectives, Price has written the book that we’ve been waiting for. Heterosexual focus.

I love the review, but I question "heterosexual focus." Although I happen to be heterosexual, as are many--but not all--of the women I interviewed, I also include the lesbian perspective, and most of the tips and techniques are not orientation-specific at all. Just wanted to make that point!

Thank you, Good Vibes, for the enthusiastic review!

-- Joan

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