Sunday, January 29, 2006

RebeccasReads: "original book that needed to be written"

Better Than I Ever Expected is an original book that needed to be written ... Joan Price demonstrates the kind of courage rarely shown by writers, particularly on the topic of sexuality.

Alma Bond's review of Better Than I Ever Expected was posted on today. I was moved by how strongly and insightfully Dr. Bond responded to my book. The review is too long to reprint here fully -- and I'd like you to visit Rebecca's Reads and enjoy this website filled with book reviews -- but I can't resist posting a few more excerpts. (Click here to read the full review.)

Joan circulated the following: "Wanted: Interviews with sassy, sexy women, age 60+, who are willing to share feelings and experiences openly and anonymously in a candid, woman-to-woman book." To her surprise, women responded abundantly, & were hungry to share their experiences & reveal the most intimate details of their bodies, fantasies, & relationships. Price uses quotes from these women's responses to illustrate her findings throughout the book.

The book is also helpful in giving advice about certain problems of aging, such as hot flashes, the generation's HRT dispute, painful intercourse, exercises to strengthen muscles to enhance sexual pleasure, preparations to establish intimacy before having sex, the use of sex toys, & solo sex.
[H]ighly recommended for young people on the verge of discovering the paradise of sexuality, for older couples who have been brain-washed into thinking sex is only for the young, & for those happy lovers of all ages who wish to believe that the bliss of lovemaking will continue as long as they live.

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