Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Power of Language

I wonder how you feel about this.

In my book, I wrote with candor and intimacy, and often described experiences in graphic detail. You'll find all manner of sexual experiences, feelings, and thoughts there! At the same time, I tried to keep my choice of language dignified, out of respect for myself, my partner, and my readers, and because I love the nuance of language.

I know that a rougher, edgier style of language is common when discussing sexuality, especially among young people. I wonder how you feel when you read or hear street slang for sexual acts and body parts. Do you care? Does it bother you? Do you like it?

This came up because someone was discussing my book, using terminology that I would not use myself. I worried that the people hearing this discussion would think that I wrote the way this person talked. I feared that the very people I want to reach -- women over 60 -- would be turned off by that language.

So I thought I'd ask -- what type of language do you prefer when discussing or reading about sexuality, and how much does this matter to you?


  1. This book is a well thought out and heavily researched study of mature womens needs and wants and abilities from women in the know. You would be flabbergasted to read the real truths from these mature and sexual women. Pull up a chair, open the book and have a coffee you are about to enter the realm of the real world of sex and love.

  2. Toni, still age 60 for another few months,December 13, 2005

    You mentioned that some people would have preferred slang words for body parts, sex acts, etc. I prefer the "real" words. That's because many of the slang terms women use are actually terms invented by men to demean women and to try to hide any feelings of sensitivity or emotional involvement in a sexual relationship that might somehow detract from their false image of masculinity.


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